As I sit here the day before Thanksgiving, I can’t help but to be thankful for all those vendors making merchandise for the many events in Second Life. Every few weeks, you can find something new and intriguing to attend. Maybe you love to decorate, shop for clothes, or you’re into some serious role place. Whatever your “thing” maybe, you can always find an event that applies. What am I into? I enjoy shopping for clothes and looking fabulous–of course.

One may find themselves asking, how in the world does one find events in Second Life. This is a tricky question, if you don’t know who to ask. I’ve spent a good portion of time looking for the answer to this question. I finally found a really helpful website. I’m going to link it at the bottom of this post.

The other day, I was bored and I wanted to go to an event. I found an event called N°21. It opened on November 21st at noon (SL time). The event runs from November 21st to December 12th. This month you can find Reign, Reckless, FLite, Xin, Bueno, Foxes by Birdy, Atomic, and many other vendors.It’s hosted by the owners of Reign and includes twenty one stores.

Now for the really interesting part, according to their website, “every three Months N°21 hosts our Exclusive round. For this round each Designer will be making an item (pattern, color pack, special limited version) for their exclusive. This item will never again be sold the same way as it appears in the exclusive round of the event. There will also never be a theme.” For residents, this means the opportunity to find unique items from some of your favorite stores. To find out more about which vendors are available check out their website at:

This month, I purchased a few items from this event. In the above picture, I’m wearing Foxes fleece jacket in dark brown, and I’m holding a dog by Foxes called little chi. In the second photo, I bought a shirt from Atomic called weekend lazies. I also purchased the hair Leo by Moon–which is not featured in either photo.

As you can see, I am a fashion addict in my heart of hearts. So bring your family, friends, fellow shopaholics, boyfriends, girlfriends, or maybe someone whose bored and check out N°21. Down below, you will find other items featured in the pictures and important links.

Happy Shopping!

Violet Daffordil

N°21–Yesterday (210, 171, 3970)
First picture taken at: Pigeon Island , Neverending (169, 155, 2299)
Second picture taken at: L’Arc-en-Ciel *, WinterFall (234, 64, 22)
Eyes in blue gray from: IKON, IKON (143, 127, 501)
Hands elegant from slink: Slink (48, 123, 24)
Hair in first picture from truth called honey: TRUTH HAIR, Truth (158, 50, 34)
Hair in second photo–D!va Rosa in Onyx–collabor88 event
Pose: No pose was used in the first photo
Second photo pose–Diesel Works Diva: Diesel Works Poses & Animations Main Store, Brooklyn (112, 128, 21)
Shape: Jennifer Lawrence by body doubles: BODY DOUBLES SHAPES ~ Female Shapes Male Shapes Celebrity Shape, Dark Oasis (206, 99, 23)
Glam Affair–skin Zara–India: Glam Affair & Tableau Vivant, Beauty Avatar couture (110, 92, 23)

Note–Shape has been edited. However, pictures have not been edited and products appear as is–inworld.

Important Websites.

SL events can be found at:
Information about N°21:

Collabor88 and The Awesomeness That It Is

Blog1BFF2 copy

Like any fashion addict, I go to many events in Second Life. One of those events is the opening of Collabor88. I look forward to the opening of Collabor88 to see the new theme each month. This month’s theme is modern alchemist.Every month this particular store gives a sneak peek into the next month’s theme with the use of Flickr. How do they choose the theme? I wondered the same thing, so I went to their website and found out that residents have a voice in choosing the theme, by voicing their opinion on the Collabor88 website.

Now, I’m not an official blogger for any particular store. I started this blog to help others find useful information. I recently had a friend who knew nothing about Collabor88 or even how to go about finding the events. I thought a blog describing some of these events with helpful links may open up a whole new world to some. Voila! Here I am. I will include a blog about Collabor88 each month talking about the theme, some of the vendors, and products available. I will also include other events in this blog.

This month, stores came together to bring residents items with an air of mystery. Many residents can find such items such as: crystal balls, taro card clutches, chunky jewelry, boots, and so much more. While I can’t write about every item that is available, I can talk about the items that are featured in the picture above and describe what Collabor88 is. I can also include pictures and some description as to the theme for each month.

First, let me give some background information about Collabor88. Various designer feature their wares for purchase. Most items cost between 88L to 488L. The most expensive item available is a house–which is a steal. All products include 88L in their purchase price–hence Collabor88. Now that I have thoroughly bored you with my knowledge of why they included 88 in their store title, I can delve into my favorite part the merchandise. Residents can find some of their favorite stores which include: Apple fall, Atomic, Baiastice, Barnesworth Anubis, Boom, Clawtooth, D!va, Decoy, Decoy, Emery, Exile, Fashionably Dead, Floor Plan, and so many more–way too many to mention. However, I will include links in this blog to show which vendors are selling their wares. I like going to these events, because there are themes which change every month. Hours have been spent creating these products for residents to enjoy.

As you can see, I included a picture of me. I’m wearing the following from the modern alchemist event at Collabor88: D!va Hair Rosa,  Ison Bandage Back Top and Side Lace Pants, Zaara: Banjara Kada Bracelets, Banjara Silver Talisman necklace. All of these products can be found at this month’s Collabor88, but you may want to hurry. Next month, the theme is snow day. To find out more about Collabor88, you can locate them on flickr, plurk, and facebook. Happy Shopping!



Violet Daffordil

Helpful Links


Teleport Locations

COLLABOR88 WWW.COLLABOR88.COM, 8 8 (85, 212, 1085)

IKON, IKON (143, 127, 501)

Slink Mainstore – Beautiful mesh feet, and shoes, Slink (41, 127, 27)

[whatever] Mainstore, Tequila (130, 183, 21)

Glam Affair & Tableau Vivant, Beauty Avatar couture (128, 128, 23)


BODY DOUBLES SHAPES ~ Female Shapes Male Shapes Celebrity Shape, Dark Oasis (209, 80, 23)


Other Items Featured

Eyes–Ikon–blue gray

Slink–hands, Elegant, feed mid

Shoes by whatever–high heel 2.0

Skin–Glam affair–Zara–India

Nail polish by Nailed it–Baiastice

Eyelashes–Demi Starshine–Lady Eyelashes (Prim Lashes)–which can be found on the marketplace

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

*Note: The shape has been edited.

Photo was taken at: DERAILED , Crash Boat (219, 117, 21)






So this is a blog….


First, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am a resident in Second Life and go by the name Violet Daffordil. I enjoy fashion, so I decided to start a blog. I started hording clothes a few months ago, so I figured why not share my gacha and event addiction with the rest of SL. It has become sort of my life here–official clothing hoarder. Do they make a tag for that?

In the following days, I will be sharing pictures of my outfits and information regarding where to purchase those items. Hopefully, I will bring a bit of humor, personality, and information along the way. I hope to build a following and maybe even find a mentor to help me along the way. For now, I am a novice fashion blogger in SL and look forward to sharing my creativity with others. Hopefully, I can inspire others–and maybe even make some friends along the way.


Violet Daffordil