Collabor88 In A Winter Wonderland



It’s that time of  year again. People are bustling about trying to find that right gift for that certain someone. Kids are excited. There’s magic in the cold winter air. Well, with that cold winter air, there is a need for coats, scarfs, gloves and ear muffs. Even though it’s cold outside, one’s fashion shouldn’t suffer. There are wonderful events happening in SL to help residents to remain warm and stylish at the same time.

Every month, I wait until the doors open to this even. It takes me awhile to get into the store. However, when I did get in, I wasn’t disappointed. I ran around the store looking at every item and making decisions as to which would become main staples. I bought many things in the event. As you can see above, I have a love for all things pink. I used to say jokingly that pink was more than a color–it’s a feeling. I wear it because the color brightens my mood. Even though it’s cold, I can find a simple reason to smile.

I will keep this post relatively short this time. My RL has been very hectic this holiday season. Unfortunately, in my picture taking, I did not make a sticky note as to which pose or destination these pictures were taken. I can only hope to improve with each post. I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday!


Happy Holidays!

Violet Daffordil


In the first photo:

Jacket and shirt-The Secret Store Misha Oversized Coat–there is also a scarf sold separately available for purchase

Hair: Truth–Lala

Slink hands–Elegant


In the second photo

Fur: Foxes Cozy Fur Scarf–Snow, Faux Fur Coat

Dress: Foxes Sweater Dress in Ombre Pink

Hair: Truth–Honey

Slink hands–Elegant



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