Opulence is in the air!

UberOp2 copy

Edited2_edited-1 copy

Please forgive me for the lateness with this post. I was dealing with a New Year’s hangover–followed closely by I still have vodka left over. This holiday seems to last not only for one day…..but a few. There’s left over appetizers and booze in the fridge. What’s a girl to do? I’ll tell you what–eat, drink, and be merry. It is the best way to start a New Year–at least that’s my opinion–and I’m sticking to it. So let’s get to the important stuff….what was Uber’s theme this month and what did they have for residents?

If you guessed opulence as the theme of this month’s uber, you would be right. When I teleported to Uber, I was greeted with gold mirrors and opulent fountains. This month’s theme was very popular. People were dodging left and right trying to get the latest fashions. Vendors offered lavish clothes, jewelry, and accessories–even furniture! It took no time at all to spend my money, after all it was burning a whole in my pocket.

Let’s get down to the fashion featured in the photos. All of the items below can be purchased at this month’s Uber (with the exception of the hair from Truth).  I have not included links for the destination. However, the destination of Uber and Truth can be found in previous posts.

First photo features

Foxes–Faux fur stole–black

Foxes–Faux fur shawl–black

Foxes–Peplum Dress

Truth Hair– Harmony

Second photo

Tres Blah–Sophie Blouse

Tres Blah–Sequined pencil skirt

Reign–Avanti Handbag Tan

Reign–Avanti pumps

Truth hair–Harmony





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