We love Role-Play! Yes we do!

we heart rp-ed

First, let me start off by saying that I am so sorry for the delay in this post. As it is so late, this post will focus primarily on some information about this event. I am still considered new to second life by most, so some events are still new to me events.

I recently started shopping at an event called we heart role play. This event caters to those who are role play enthusiast and photographers alike. If you participate in the following medieval (Fantasy), Gor, Ancient Rome/Greece/Egypt, Victorian, Vikings, Barbarians, Native American, Wizards* (Merlin etc.), Steampunk, Fantasy or similar themes, there is surely something there for you. If you can’t find what you are looking for, they are open to suggestions. This event features items that can really transform a picture into something truly special.

In the above photo, I’m wearing Pekka–moon light circlet–steel, and PEQE–Indel red dress. I bought all of these items at the we love role play event. In addition to those items, I’m also wearing a fur stole from Foxes, Boom Animus Necklace (third eye chakra), and shoes from Whatever (Gallium).

Website for We heart RP


We ❤ Role-Play! We Love Roleplay! – OPEN, Evanda Island (85, 48, 4001)


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