I Want To Shine.


A few days ago, I went a new to me event called Shiny Shabby. This event features items that are new weathered things. It’s also a monthly event. I found it on flicker. One day, I was going through my email and noticed that Shiny Shabby was following me. I was intrigued.

Who is this person? So I logged onto SL and looked up Shiny Shabby. While going through their profile, I realized that it was an event. Now, I’m a shopaholic and just couldn’t contain the need to check it out. At this event, I found hair, dresses, furniture, and even skin–and so much more. Some of my favorite stores were featured in the event such as: Cheeky Pea, Ionic, Bauhaus Movement, Zenith, Glam Affair, Hideki, Floorplan, and Rowne–and so many others! The dress feature featured in the above photo is from Rowne. I can’t help myself, when I see a pink dress. It is my Achilles heal. I hope you enjoy this event as much as I did!

Shiny Shabby, Old Lighthouse (232, 56, 3000) – Moderate

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Storybook for Shiny Shabby 03/2016

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