Edge and Pearls

Uber--Floor Plan, Tres Chic, Half Deer

Hands–Slink Hands–Elegant
Hands–Slink feet–high
Eyebrows–Glam Affair Rose–Universal Eyebrow
Dress–Junbug Vivaldi [Sky
Hair–EMO-tions. *PRIA*
Eyelashes–Demi-Starshine Prim Lashes 1
Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra Skin
Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue–Gray

Bed–Tarte–Montgomery bed
Curtains–+Half Deer+–Fairy Curtain–Tied Pink
Paris Board–Floorplan–Eiffel Slats
Rug–Art Dummy Bliss–dots and stripes
Chair–Circa-Winter Paris Pillow Chair in Frost/neutral
Pillow–23 Erratic/cwe–cushion/paris2
Mannequin–Circa–“Winter Paris” Rose mannequin–Frost Blue
Night stand–Traveler-Night
Birdcage chair–Trompe Loiel–birdcage
Twinkle lights–Keke twinkling lights log–driftwood
Star Picture–Commoner–Star of Fame–Best Sister
Paris Poster–Floorplan–Paris Subway Sign
Vase–Keke–Paeons & Magnolias–bush

I went on a tremendous shopping spree this round at uber. They had everything from funky dresses to down right glamorous gowns. The above picture features a dress from Junbug, which is one of my favorite places to shop. This is only one of many dresses, which was purchased at this monthly event.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this beautiful dress in my own room. I’ve included the items featured in the picture. Two items were given to me by friends and some were won at a gacha event. Some of my favorite places to shop are FloorPlan, Keke, and Half Deer.

I want to start to include decor into my blogs. While I do purchase a lot of clothes, the other half of my lindens go into decor. I love decorating my house and I’m always in search of cute decorations.

One of things that I’ve learned is to pick a theme for a room. The room pictured in the above photo is centered around the theme of Paris. You will increasingly see my blogs centered around this theme. I’ve never been to Paris, but I studied French long ago. It’s one of those places on my bucket list. It should come as no surprise my love for a place so involved with fashion.

In addition to a theme, another thing to consider when decorating is a color palette. A lot of people never know how to go about finding a color palette. This is something that transcends second life and can be used in your every day. My best advice is go to your closet and look at your clothes. What colors do you like to wear? What is your favorite color? We tend to wear colors that we enjoy. We like to see ourselves in certain colors. They may bring out our eyes or look good against our skin tone. It’s no different here. I enjoy wearing white, black, and pink. Naturally, you will see those colors reappear in my wardrobe and my decor. I hope this tip helps you to decorate your space that you call home in any world.

Hipster In Paris


Shirt–Atomic–Basic Crop Top–Noir 1
Skirt–Atomic–LaLa Skirt
Body–Maitreya Mesh Body–Lara
Lips–Izzie’s 11 Qopi Natural Lips (dark tan)
Eyeshadow–Izzie’s Romy Dark Metallic Eyeshadow–black
Heels–Eudora–3D Kiania Heels
Eyelashes-Demi Starshine Prim Lashes
Hair–Truth–Armelle [hat]
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra
Body–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence
Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue-Gray


Rug–KC White Fur Rug2–Kitty Creations
Lights–Keke Twinkle Pendels
Flowers in Vase–Keke–Paeons & Magnolias–blush
Wall Rug–Moon Amore–The Sacred Sabana (Rare)–Kustom9
Chair–Bauwerk–Library Chair–picture left
Chair–ACD–Karma Leather Chair
Birdcage with candles–Bauwerk–The Nevermore blackiron

Another look that was bought at Uber was this super cute little dress. I love and adore it. This little hot number reminds me of young girl in Paris. I pictured this chic hipster walking down the street with her croissant in hand, while touring the Eiffel Tower. Well I couldn’t resist the chance to be a chic hipster, so of course I had to purchase it.

In the next few days, you’re going to see some more posts about boho chic. The trend isn’t just for second life. It has been found on the runways this season. Let these trends in Second Life inspire you here and in other parts of your life. As always Happy Shopping Dear Friends!!

Me, myself and I Meme Challenge

I am a fan of Strawberry Singh and I’ve been following her for some time. She’s a wonderful blogger and photographer. She seems to do it all in sl. I may never become a big blogger like her, but I greatly enjoy reading her blog posts and participating in her meme challenges. Sometimes in my own life, it’s hard. To deal with the hardships of my life, sometimes it’s the bloggers that help me get through a difficult time. You inspire me in my own blog and keep me going. Thank you bloggers for everything that you do.

Strawberry Singh created this me, myself and I meme challenge. I decided to include it in my own blog. Feel free to copy and paste into your own blog–while filling in your own answers.


I am… shy. (Strawberry Singh and I share this in common).

I want…to grow as a person every day.

I have… music playing

I wish… to have more adventures in sl.

I hate… discrimination and bigotry.

I fear… accidentally turning on voice while drunk.

I search… for items in my inventory, because my stuff is like missing socks. I may not find it right away, but it usually shows up :-p

I wonder… if my pictures will get more than 12 likes :-p

I regret… some of my outfits in the past.

I never… clean my inventory like I should and end up shopping instead.

I always… try to find happiness, even in difficult times.

I usually… have a wild imagination and day dream, during the day.

I dance… inworld, because it’s too difficult to dance in my real life.

I sing… every day because it’s a passion of mine.

I often… look away from my computer to play with my two very needy and loving cats. (hence the reason for my afk tendencies).

I sometimes… dream of living in Paris and attending fashion shows.

I need… Matzu and Kira to always be my sl siblings. They keep me grounded and happy on hard days.

I cry… at sad parts in movies and books–even if it is Monsters Inc.

I should… always remind myself that tomorrow is a new day.

I love… my virtual life.

Looking Shiny, adorable, and Kawaii

Zenith-Shiny Shabby

Shoes: Reign–Avanti Pumps

Hair–Little Bones–Birdie–Project Limited

Dress–Zenith–Tea TIme Dress

Lipstick-Kibitz-teeth system-shade 1

Eyeshadow–Totally warped eyeshadow–the deep

Eyelashes–Demi Starshine’s Prim Lashes

Half Deer Dik Dik–moonlight unicorn

Half Deer Forest’s Tale–Petals and Pearls Bracelet–Latte

Hair–Little Bones Birdie

Shoes-Reign–Avanti Pumps–tan



Skin–Glam Affair–Katra

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue Gray

I’ve talked about Shiny Shabby before. I bought a lot of items from shiny shabby in this round. I kept going back for odds and ends. I loved the hair, dresses, and even some purses. I couldn’t help but spend some lindens at this event. They had the perfect little dress for a day at the beach with my little deer. I couldn’t resist. Even though it’s not pictured, the purse is also very stylish to boot. I recommend seeing the event for yourself….just make sure to save some linden. You will surely need it.

Kawii Event

Dress–Imeka–Sabina Dress

Slink Hands–Elegant

Slink Feet–High

Lips–Kibitz Teeth system shade 1

Eyeshadow–Adored–Totally warped eyeshadow–the deep

Eyelashes–Demi Starshine prim lashes

Shoes–JD Angel Slink Black


Skin–Glam Affair–Katra

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue-Gray



I wanted to take a minute to discuss an event called the Kawaii Project. Kawaii in Japanese means cute. It can also be used to describe something as lovable or adorable–as described on their website. This event gives designers a project challenge. They take this opportunity to create some truly special, cute, adorable, lovable, and just Kawaii. It takes place on the grid bi-monthly and hosts about 37 designers. If you are interested in having your wares available for residents, there’s even an application available on their website. I absolutely fell in love with this dress. The hair is from the shiny shabby event in this picture. Sometimes I like to mix and match my clothing from events.

I buy so many things from events, but what I really enjoy is taking something old and making it new again. This is rarely talked about on fashion feeds, but I think that it’s definitely something to look into….for my next blog. I hope you have a lovely inworld experience…..and as always Happy Shopping!!

Congratulations To Matzu

My dear friend Matzu (matzukaze. balestra) is featured in this month’s magazine issue of Thema. Some may have noticed that I linked his very first blog here. He is a very special person to me in second life. I am proud to call him my adopted brother and very close friend. I am so proud of him. He looked amazing and dapper in his suit. He was dressed to the nines. He has an eye for fashion, which surely will be apparent in his blog.

The issue features a plethora of stories surrounding fairy tales. The photographer did an amazing job and taking pictures that reflect the stories being told. Matzu was featured in the story about the Lady With The Green Ribbon. I would tell you all about the story, but I don’t want to ruin it for the readers.

I was taking picture in the beautiful sim of winter moon and by chance bumped into my brother, while he was taking pictures with Taylor–the creator of the magazine. She was so sweet to me and so humble. It took me off guard. I had my very own fan girl moment meeting her. I was so nervous talking to her, but she graciously talked to me.

This magazine is completely fabulous and you have to check it out for yourself. Taylor features his wonderful pictures on Flickr. I highly recommend taking a look. Congrats again!!! SO proud!!

. arts and crafts .

shhhhh there’s a secret and …..another me?




Okay, the secret affair is sort of well a secret. This event is so hard to find. I didn’t even know it existed until a really good friend of mine showed me this event. I will say they have a flickr group and a website. If you want to check it out, you may have to check their website every so often to see when the event opens. But I have a sneaky feeling it may be every month. This month, it opened on the 15th and ends on March 30th. Happy Shopping Everyone!!

Head piece-Zenith Day Of The Dead Skull–Secret Affair

Veil–Zenith–Wreath Veil–Secret Affair

Dress–Zenith High Panties Silk Shirt Cherry–Secret Affair

Armbands–Zenith-Tribal Beaded Arm Bracelet

Earrings–Swallow–Ear Cuff Dead Head Gold–Rare

Hair–Spellbound–Tears of Lys

Eyelashes–Demi Starshine Prim Lashes

Eyebrow–Glam Affair-Rose Universal Eyebrow 7 Black

Eyeshadow–Izzie’s Romy Dark Metallic Eyeshadow Black–Skin Fair 2015

Slink Hands–Elegant

Slink Feet: High

Body–Maitreya–Lara body

Skin: PXL–Aeryn

Eyes–Ikon–Deadshine Eyes-Sapphire (magical)

Shape: Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence.


Driftwood - A Dream Series



Collabor88 and The Skin Fair

C88_Moon_004 - Copy

In the photo above, my wonderful sl sister joined me for a photo-shoot. She is someone that has been there for me in my SL journey. Sometimes sl can be a hard place. It can be lonely, frustrating, or even a bit sad at times. Then, you meet those people who greet you every day. They ask you how are you and mean it. I have people who do this for me. It has made all the difference some days. While I enjoy role play, it’s always nice to have a shopping buddy who will give you fashion advice and ask…..so how was your day–and want to know the answer. I tend to be a socially awkward person, so sl gives me an opportunity to improve on those skills–talking to people. I’ve learned a lot from the people around me. My sl sister is no exception. She has taught me a lot about myself–even my own style.

Talking about style, we should continue talking about Collabor88’s theme. Shoppers delighted in the theme of moonless nights. We were greeted by clothes, owls, and houses–Oh my. Down below, you can see the items featured in the picture.

Kira is wearing

Hair LeLutka–Jaden

Eyes Ikon-Charmed-Ghost

Eyeshadow: Adored bodyshop, Vanessa in the color bulletproof.

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri Eyelashes MC Falsies

Dress: Ison, Wednesday in black

Stockings Cannibelle

Shoes: Ison Wednesday boots

Necklace: Necklace: Pekka, penticle

Skin: Belleza Grace-medium

I’m wearing the following:



Shoes–Reign-pointed toe boots shape

Dress-Ison-Wednesday dress

Mouth-Kidbitz–teeth system-shade 2

Eyeshadow– Adored haunt eyeshadow-black

Eyelashes-Demi Starshine Prim lashes

Skin–Glam Affair Zaara India

Shape–Jennifer Lawrence Celebrity Look-Alike by Body Doubles.

Shape has been edited.

skinfair_014 - Copy

skinfair_012 - Copy

I usually don’t include two posts in one, but this time the skin fair is around and in town. I truly bought out the fair. I came home with bags of stuff and an empty pocket. I love everything that I have. While I can’t blog everything that I wore, I can tell you about some of the items in this blog. I also bought the mesh body from Maitreya. There are many great mesh bodies out there. I highly recommend trying them. The fair is located on two different sims. They are also watching your script numbers and will eject you if the script is too high. I went as butterflies with no AO. I saw people as bunnies. Watch your scripts, try your demos, and buy those pretty skins. Happy Shopping everyone!

Below are the items featured below:

Body–Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Hands–Slink Hands–Elegant

Boots–Reign Pointed Toe Boots

Eye Shadow–Adored–totally warped eye shadow

Exile Hair Give–Rare

Eyelashes–Demi Starshine Lady Eyelashes/Prim Lashes

Dress–Maitreya Vixen Dress Cerulean

Skin–Glam Affair-Katra–skin fair

Shape–Jennifer Lawrence Celebrity Look-Alike by Body Doubles.






Honey, I’m home?

Matzukaze Balestra

Matzu anel new_001

My name is Matzukaze Balestra. I’m a resident of Second Life who has a serious shopping problem. I honestly think they should start a Shopping rehabilitation center. although No one would attend as we would all be to busy trying to get the rares from Gacha machines. I want my blog to focus on male fashion. I’m not going to drag this out as I know many people just want to know what shoes I’m wearing. :p I really honestly started my blog as a justification for my shopping addiction. So, with all that said.. I look forward to us getting to know each other,


Hair) @ TMD Taketomi (blacks) On a side note, I recommend using a hairbase from “Action” as it blends in kind of like magic. Do I have roots?! WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY!

Collar) Epia

Pants) David Heather, Yves in black

Shoes) Flite skyhigh grunge…

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Similarities Between Gachas and Vegas

FairyTale2.5 - Copy

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose at the Arcade Gacha. The similarities are endless. This Gacha round, I got lucky and walked away with a few lindens to spare. However, sometimes you have to find those lucky items at a yard sale, but that’s another discussion for another blog. I walked away being a winner, but then again we all win with Gachas. Sometimes you walk away with a common, or that very special rare. This outfit has commons and rares. Even though the dress is a common, it is one of my favorite colors and was delighted with my common–so even those commons can be special.

The Arcade is wonderful place to shop. The atmosphere makes one feel as though they stepped back in time to the 1900’s in Coney Island on the Brighten Pier. This wonderful place evokes a past time of penny arcades. Every time you play, you have no idea what that slot machine will give you. It’s exciting and thing. It was founded in 2012 by Octagons Yazimoto, Katharine McGinnis, Emery Milneaux and Umberto Giano. The arcade is a quarterly event that takes place in March, June, September and December. One hundred designers are featured at these events. They are so popular on the grid. This is also an event that I really look forward to….but then again I look forward to them all.


The Arcade Gacha Events – http://www.thearcadesl.com , The Arcade (129, 131, 32) – General

Shoes Fri. Cora. Heels (Nude)
Feet Slink high feet
Hands Slink Elegance hands
Dress Pixicat wonderland dress Nr.1–common
Hair Exile–Give–rare
Hair Accessory–Lode magnolia 2 double [white) Rare
Lips Angelica Kissable Lip Balm #Rosy (teeth)_dk
Lashes–Demi’s Starshine Lady Eyelashes (Prim Lashes)
Skin–Glam affair-Zaara–India
Shape–Look-Alike by Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence
Eyes–Ikon–Charm Eyes–Sky

Shape Has been edited

Skin Fair

Skin Fair

We are looking forward to an amazing skin fair this year and hope to see you there! Doors will open March 13 at 12:01am SLT. It is sure to be the event of the year so don’t miss it!

Here is the list of participating stores in no particular order:

loveme skins
loud mouth
style by kira
silken moon
wow skins
pink fuel
pin me down
the addy style
bella elephante
tokyo girl
random matter
pink acid
7 deadly skins
black pearl
shock factory
la malvada mujer
abfab skins
tableau vivant
nar mattaru
adam n eve
rojo body shop
Glam Affair
la petite morte
the skinnery
clef de peau
dulce secrets
mystic canvass
fashionably dead
vive 9
kiko life
lara hurley
eye candi
nm atelier
Identity Body Shop
baby steps
cute bytes
eskimo fashion
adored bodyshop
pixy stix
zoul creations
diamond style
house of envy
inhale tattoo co
yoon beauty
madrid solo
paper rabbit
New Faces
Suicide Gurls
.:JUMO:. Fashion and Beauty
Genesis Lab