Similarities Between Gachas and Vegas

FairyTale2.5 - Copy

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose at the Arcade Gacha. The similarities are endless. This Gacha round, I got lucky and walked away with a few lindens to spare. However, sometimes you have to find those lucky items at a yard sale, but that’s another discussion for another blog. I walked away being a winner, but then again we all win with Gachas. Sometimes you walk away with a common, or that very special rare. This outfit has commons and rares. Even though the dress is a common, it is one of my favorite colors and was delighted with my common–so even those commons can be special.

The Arcade is wonderful place to shop. The atmosphere makes one feel as though they stepped back in time to the 1900’s in Coney Island on the Brighten Pier. This wonderful place evokes a past time of penny arcades. Every time you play, you have no idea what that slot machine will give you. It’s exciting and thing. It was founded in 2012 by Octagons Yazimoto, Katharine McGinnis, Emery Milneaux and Umberto Giano. The arcade is a quarterly event that takes place in March, June, September and December. One hundred designers are featured at these events. They are so popular on the grid. This is also an event that I really look forward to….but then again I look forward to them all.


The Arcade Gacha Events – , The Arcade (129, 131, 32) – General

Shoes Fri. Cora. Heels (Nude)
Feet Slink high feet
Hands Slink Elegance hands
Dress Pixicat wonderland dress Nr.1–common
Hair Exile–Give–rare
Hair Accessory–Lode magnolia 2 double [white) Rare
Lips Angelica Kissable Lip Balm #Rosy (teeth)_dk
Lashes–Demi’s Starshine Lady Eyelashes (Prim Lashes)
Skin–Glam affair-Zaara–India
Shape–Look-Alike by Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence
Eyes–Ikon–Charm Eyes–Sky

Shape Has been edited


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