Honey, I’m home?

Matzukaze Balestra

Matzu anel new_001

My name is Matzukaze Balestra. I’m a resident of Second Life who has a serious shopping problem. I honestly think they should start a Shopping rehabilitation center. although No one would attend as we would all be to busy trying to get the rares from Gacha machines. I want my blog to focus on male fashion. I’m not going to drag this out as I know many people just want to know what shoes I’m wearing. :p I really honestly started my blog as a justification for my shopping addiction. So, with all that said.. I look forward to us getting to know each other,


Hair) @ TMD Taketomi (blacks) On a side note, I recommend using a hairbase from “Action” as it blends in kind of like magic. Do I have roots?! WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY!

Collar) Epia

Pants) David Heather, Yves in black

Shoes) Flite skyhigh grunge…

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