Congratulations To Matzu

My dear friend Matzu (matzukaze. balestra) is featured in this month’s magazine issue of Thema. Some may have noticed that I linked his very first blog here. He is a very special person to me in second life. I am proud to call him my adopted brother and very close friend. I am so proud of him. He looked amazing and dapper in his suit. He was dressed to the nines. He has an eye for fashion, which surely will be apparent in his blog.

The issue features a plethora of stories surrounding fairy tales. The photographer did an amazing job and taking pictures that reflect the stories being told. Matzu was featured in the story about the Lady With The Green Ribbon. I would tell you all about the story, but I don’t want to ruin it for the readers.

I was taking picture in the beautiful sim of winter moon and by chance bumped into my brother, while he was taking pictures with Taylor–the creator of the magazine. She was so sweet to me and so humble. It took me off guard. I had my very own fan girl moment meeting her. I was so nervous talking to her, but she graciously talked to me.

This magazine is completely fabulous and you have to check it out for yourself. Taylor features his wonderful pictures on Flickr. I highly recommend taking a look. Congrats again!!! SO proud!!


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