Looking Shiny, adorable, and Kawaii

Zenith-Shiny Shabby

Shoes: Reign–Avanti Pumps

Hair–Little Bones–Birdie–Project Limited

Dress–Zenith–Tea TIme Dress

Lipstick-Kibitz-teeth system-shade 1

Eyeshadow–Totally warped eyeshadow–the deep

Eyelashes–Demi Starshine’s Prim Lashes

Half Deer Dik Dik–moonlight unicorn

Half Deer Forest’s Tale–Petals and Pearls Bracelet–Latte

Hair–Little Bones Birdie

Shoes-Reign–Avanti Pumps–tan



Skin–Glam Affair–Katra

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue Gray

I’ve talked about Shiny Shabby before. I bought a lot of items from shiny shabby in this round. I kept going back for odds and ends. I loved the hair, dresses, and even some purses. I couldn’t help but spend some lindens at this event. They had the perfect little dress for a day at the beach with my little deer. I couldn’t resist. Even though it’s not pictured, the purse is also very stylish to boot. I recommend seeing the event for yourself….just make sure to save some linden. You will surely need it.

Kawii Event

Dress–Imeka–Sabina Dress

Slink Hands–Elegant

Slink Feet–High

Lips–Kibitz Teeth system shade 1

Eyeshadow–Adored–Totally warped eyeshadow–the deep

Eyelashes–Demi Starshine prim lashes

Shoes–JD Angel Slink Black


Skin–Glam Affair–Katra

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue-Gray



I wanted to take a minute to discuss an event called the Kawaii Project. Kawaii in Japanese means cute. It can also be used to describe something as lovable or adorable–as described on their website. This event gives designers a project challenge. They take this opportunity to create some truly special, cute, adorable, lovable, and just Kawaii. It takes place on the grid bi-monthly and hosts about 37 designers. If you are interested in having your wares available for residents, there’s even an application available on their website. I absolutely fell in love with this dress. The hair is from the shiny shabby event in this picture. Sometimes I like to mix and match my clothing from events.

I buy so many things from events, but what I really enjoy is taking something old and making it new again. This is rarely talked about on fashion feeds, but I think that it’s definitely something to look into….for my next blog. I hope you have a lovely inworld experience…..and as always Happy Shopping!!


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