Edge and Pearls

Uber--Floor Plan, Tres Chic, Half Deer

Hands–Slink Hands–Elegant
Hands–Slink feet–high
Eyebrows–Glam Affair Rose–Universal Eyebrow
Dress–Junbug Vivaldi [Sky
Hair–EMO-tions. *PRIA*
Eyelashes–Demi-Starshine Prim Lashes 1
Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra Skin
Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue–Gray

Bed–Tarte–Montgomery bed
Curtains–+Half Deer+–Fairy Curtain–Tied Pink
Paris Board–Floorplan–Eiffel Slats
Rug–Art Dummy Bliss–dots and stripes
Chair–Circa-Winter Paris Pillow Chair in Frost/neutral
Pillow–23 Erratic/cwe–cushion/paris2
Mannequin–Circa–“Winter Paris” Rose mannequin–Frost Blue
Night stand–Traveler-Night
Birdcage chair–Trompe Loiel–birdcage
Twinkle lights–Keke twinkling lights log–driftwood
Star Picture–Commoner–Star of Fame–Best Sister
Paris Poster–Floorplan–Paris Subway Sign
Vase–Keke–Paeons & Magnolias–bush

I went on a tremendous shopping spree this round at uber. They had everything from funky dresses to down right glamorous gowns. The above picture features a dress from Junbug, which is one of my favorite places to shop. This is only one of many dresses, which was purchased at this monthly event.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this beautiful dress in my own room. I’ve included the items featured in the picture. Two items were given to me by friends and some were won at a gacha event. Some of my favorite places to shop are FloorPlan, Keke, and Half Deer.

I want to start to include decor into my blogs. While I do purchase a lot of clothes, the other half of my lindens go into decor. I love decorating my house and I’m always in search of cute decorations.

One of things that I’ve learned is to pick a theme for a room. The room pictured in the above photo is centered around the theme of Paris. You will increasingly see my blogs centered around this theme. I’ve never been to Paris, but I studied French long ago. It’s one of those places on my bucket list. It should come as no surprise my love for a place so involved with fashion.

In addition to a theme, another thing to consider when decorating is a color palette. A lot of people never know how to go about finding a color palette. This is something that transcends second life and can be used in your every day. My best advice is go to your closet and look at your clothes. What colors do you like to wear? What is your favorite color? We tend to wear colors that we enjoy. We like to see ourselves in certain colors. They may bring out our eyes or look good against our skin tone. It’s no different here. I enjoy wearing white, black, and pink. Naturally, you will see those colors reappear in my wardrobe and my decor. I hope this tip helps you to decorate your space that you call home in any world.

Hipster In Paris


Shirt–Atomic–Basic Crop Top–Noir 1
Skirt–Atomic–LaLa Skirt
Body–Maitreya Mesh Body–Lara
Lips–Izzie’s 11 Qopi Natural Lips (dark tan)
Eyeshadow–Izzie’s Romy Dark Metallic Eyeshadow–black
Heels–Eudora–3D Kiania Heels
Eyelashes-Demi Starshine Prim Lashes
Hair–Truth–Armelle [hat]
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra
Body–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence
Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue-Gray


Rug–KC White Fur Rug2–Kitty Creations
Lights–Keke Twinkle Pendels
Flowers in Vase–Keke–Paeons & Magnolias–blush
Wall Rug–Moon Amore–The Sacred Sabana (Rare)–Kustom9
Chair–Bauwerk–Library Chair–picture left
Chair–ACD–Karma Leather Chair
Birdcage with candles–Bauwerk–The Nevermore blackiron

Another look that was bought at Uber was this super cute little dress. I love and adore it. This little hot number reminds me of young girl in Paris. I pictured this chic hipster walking down the street with her croissant in hand, while touring the Eiffel Tower. Well I couldn’t resist the chance to be a chic hipster, so of course I had to purchase it.

In the next few days, you’re going to see some more posts about boho chic. The trend isn’t just for second life. It has been found on the runways this season. Let these trends in Second Life inspire you here and in other parts of your life. As always Happy Shopping Dear Friends!!


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