All The Fairs and All The Events!!!




Shoes–Reign–Villencia Heels


Lipstick–Izzies–11 Qopi Natual Lips (dark tan)

Eyeshadow–#adored–haunt shadow–black

Eye brow–Glam Affair–Rose–Universal Eyebrow

Dress– :ryvolter: Elen Plunge Dress

Eyelashes–Demi Starshine–Prim Lashes

Shoes–JD–Angel Slink Black

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Skin–Glam Affair–Liv skin

Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue Gray

I went to so many events this month and I had so much fun. I’ve let my poor blog suffer, but I met some wonderful people this month–and just enjoyed my time in sl–which sometimes people forget to do. I met the wonderful creator of {NanTra} poses. During our conversation, she told me that she uses inspiration for her poses from real life. The pose in the above photo is from the CocaLoca poses at NanTra.

My friend Kira is OBSESSED with Coca Rocha. These poses were inspired from her modeling. So of course, she was in the store talking up a storm to the owner about the poses and had to get them. After buying the poses, we moved on to uber and I picked up this little hot number. I couldn’t resist.

Now on to the next picture, event, and look.







Makeup–itGirls–Eyeshadow and lipstick applier

Dress- ::Dead Dollz:: Noir

Shoes–Reign–Avanti Pumps

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Skin–Glam Affair–Katra

Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes–Sky

I went to the black fashion fair. I almost didn’t know about this fair, but I saw a sign for it and decided to check it out. I bought a few things and I had some laughs with a few friends. The fair is still open, so you can still check it out. The fair runs from April 17th to May 4th. You can also check out more information from seraphim’s website. They also have other events listed too. There are always a plethora of events on the grid. This event is on two separate Sims. I’ve included details below.



Now back to uber






Hair–+Spellbound+ Tears of Lys// Chapter 1: Earth

Dress–Tres Blah–Cutout Skater Dress

Necklace–Zenith–Leafs Necklace

Makeup–ItGirls–Eyeshadow applier

Shoes–Pure Poison–Secret Key Pumps

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Skin–Glam affair–Katra

Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes Sky

So this month’s theme at Uber was neon. I saw this cute dress and I wanted it. So of course, I did what any self respecting shopaholic would do. I bought it. I love that its really classy with a touch of trashing–while showing my awesome stomach.

Uber is open with this theme until May 25th, so you have plenty of time to get something bright…or just something cute in black like I did.

Now the last event that has been plastered on flickr…..the tag gacha






Eyebrows–Glam affair–Rose–Universal Eyebrow

Corset– .ET. Showsatr Corset Pink

Shoulder pads–Enfant Terrible Showstar shoulder

Shoes–fri.–Cora. Heels

Eyeshadow–itGirls–Eyeshadows Applier for eyeshadow and lipstick


Body–shape–Jennifer Lawrence

Skin–Glam Affair–Katra

Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes–Sky


Again I found this event by a happy accident. Sometimes stores will put posters of events in the front of the stores. I clicked on a store sign, which gave me a notecard.

I looked through a few sites with no mention of the event. So, I looked up the event itself and found a website.

Now this event is a little different. I went to the main location and they gave me a hud. The hud had boxes with nothing in the them. The boxes represent locations. Once you get through each location, you are able to go to a secret spot with more gachas. Various stores have tag gachas set up in the front of the store. Good Luck this month! As always, Happy shopping!!

Wait….I’m going to school?





Mesh Body–Maitreya–Lara

Dress–Moon Amore–Sakura Uniform

Shoes–Reign-Vilencia Heals-black

Hair–Tableau Vivant–Barony Hair–Equinox

Earrings–Swallow–Ear Cuff Dead Head Gold

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Skin-Glam Affair-Katra

Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue Gray

One of the events that I go to is the Xiasumi School Festival. It’s based off of Japanese culture and school festivals. This past event was based on ten themes: haunted house, maid butler cafe, food stands, sports, school, shrine/garden, Kawaii/animals, concert/theatre, dormitory, and cultural. During the event, there were activities such as a talent show, sports obstacles, combat zones, haunted house, food stands, and a maid/butler cafe. You may even be able to meet some of your favorite designers. All of this information came directly from their website. Proceeds are used to help the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children fund.

I didn’t participate in the activities, but I did shop at this round. I’ve attended this event many times. However, this is my first time blogging about it. I love this event, because I always find some neat poses or cute little outfits. I always end up buying something and using it.

I always enjoy shopping at this event with friends. I have to apologize for this post being late. I’ve been sick and not always up to blogging. Again, I do apologize.

As always, happy shopping. Links to the location can be found down below. I hope you enjoy this event the next time.




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After my series on Flickr 1, 2 and 3 and a blogpost on Plurk and Avatar Social Network – all articles trying to give you – bloggers –  an idea and/or inspiration on how to expand your blogs audience using Social Media, this post will cover Twitter. In a next post I will talk about Tumblr!

Yes, there are many social media platforms out there. It is, in the end, up to you individually what and which platform suits you best. For some it may be Twitter, others rather stick to Plurk, Facebook, SL Forums or maybe none of them all. My articles are merely to point out what is possible ‘out there’.

This blogpost contains several screenshots of my own Twitter account, to show you what and how, with some scribbling on them to point out stuffs (click on the images for larger versions!)

So… Twitter and…

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The Princess and The Queen

Evil Queen Kira

Crown spellbound (In the Gwendalynn hair.)

Hair -Entwined, Tia

Eyes – Ikon charm eyes in glass

Body/Head -Maitreya Lara/ Mesh head Leda from Lelutka.

Dress – Pichi, Valentine Tulle Skirt black.

Top – U.F.O

Shoes – Pure Poison, Secret key pumps.

Makeup -ItGirls.

Princess Away

Feet–Slink Feet-Medium

Hands–Slink hands–elegant

Body–Maitreya Body–Lara

Head–Lelutka Aria

Shoes–Fri. Cora Heels nude

Dress-Enfant Terrible–Ivy Dress Strawberry–The Seasons Story

Head dress–Enfant Terrible–Headband Strawberry–The Seasons Story

Shape– Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Hair–Sixty Nine– Hair 02–Noir

Body–Glam affair–Katra

Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue Gray

I am a huge fan of Florence and The Machine, and I love the song Seven Devils. It always makes me think of a story line of a self destructing princess. Now that I think of it, maybe I should have used self destructing princess as the title. I created sets using the theme of royalty.

Any way, my good friend Kira is a shopaholic just like me and she went with me to the Season Story. We shopped till we dropped and bought a bunch of items….clothes, crowns, and even a flower eye patch. Not everything is featured in the above photos from The Seasons Story, so you will have to check them out for yourself.

Now, for a little bit of information about the event. The event has 88 designers and it’s located in a beautiful sim. It runs from April 10th to April 30th. Designers use seasons as their topic. The event also occurs once every three months. I’ve included a website with all of the participating stores and information, below this post, so others can enjoy the event as well.

pretty pretty princess

free bird–as you wish poster

free bird–I didn’t plan on being a princess but if the crown fits

{anc}garden. ladyinmoon

+Half Deer+ Fairy Curtain Tied Pink

Floor Plan Dour Wolf Print

Rowne Actor/Actress Best Lead Role

Rowne Singer-Album of the year

Bazar–Arizon Living Room–little vases and Arizona Books Clutter

Tarte. dream catcher light

[Keke] peons and magnolias blush

(fd) Cat 09 Ready

[keke] twinkle pendel dark

{anc} garden pinkbook

Kitty Creations–KC white Fur Rug2

*Ionic* Frodo & Elian

Trompe Loeil–Snow Day Bed White +Drape

Rack poses–Wax play—Cluster of Candles

[DDD] Branch Candelabra

Tarte Apothecary Cabinet

House–llorisen // alms cottage.white

For the royal theme, I made a set with the intention of a royal get away. It included a tiny cottage to get away from the madness of paparazzi. Since no one could find them, it meant the cottage had to be small and located some where out of the way. Sometimes creating stories can really help to build a set I know that it has with me. I love all of these items and use them over and over again in my own home. I hope you enjoy The Season Story and all of the wonderful vendors that create goods for residents to enjoy!