Wait….I’m going to school?





Mesh Body–Maitreya–Lara

Dress–Moon Amore–Sakura Uniform

Shoes–Reign-Vilencia Heals-black

Hair–Tableau Vivant–Barony Hair–Equinox

Earrings–Swallow–Ear Cuff Dead Head Gold

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Skin-Glam Affair-Katra

Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue Gray

One of the events that I go to is the Xiasumi School Festival. It’s based off of Japanese culture and school festivals. This past event was based on ten themes: haunted house, maid butler cafe, food stands, sports, school, shrine/garden, Kawaii/animals, concert/theatre, dormitory, and cultural. During the event, there were activities such as a talent show, sports obstacles, combat zones, haunted house, food stands, and a maid/butler cafe. You may even be able to meet some of your favorite designers. All of this information came directly from their website. Proceeds are used to help the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children fund.

I didn’t participate in the activities, but I did shop at this round. I’ve attended this event many times. However, this is my first time blogging about it. I love this event, because I always find some neat poses or cute little outfits. I always end up buying something and using it.

I always enjoy shopping at this event with friends. I have to apologize for this post being late. I’ve been sick and not always up to blogging. Again, I do apologize.

As always, happy shopping. Links to the location can be found down below. I hope you enjoy this event the next time.




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