Business and pleasure

Collabor 88






Shoes–fri.–Cora Heels–Nude

Blazer–The Secret Store–Claire Peplum Blazer–Peachy

Pencil Skirt–The Secret Store–Robin Pencil Skirt–Milk


Skin–Glam Affair–Katra

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes–Sky

I went to the latest round of Collabor88 or affectionately known to some as C88 for short. This month’s theme was Into The light, which meant a lot of Linden spent on my part. Everything I have in my home and on my person seems to be either pink or white.

There were some fabulous items that could be worn for business or pleasure. I was so inspired by the outfits. I created this lovely scenario. Maybe it was the long weekend or a need to feel like getting away for awhile. Or maybe too much Sex In The City reruns or the season premier of Rich kids. Any way, this post is a story in pictures from fab designers–inspired by too much television.

It all starts off with wearing something chic and moves towards wearing items that are purely fabulous. Who says a girl can’t change her mind and change everything–even in a day.

I’m wearing a blazer and pencil skirt from one of my favorite designers on the grid-The Secret Store (although…now they’re not so secret). They always create something classy that can be worn to a business meeting or even outfits that are wonderful for a trip out to get ice cream. No matter what… you are sure to shine in this piece and it will soon become a staple in any resident’s wardrobe.

Next is an outfit that literally makes me wish this was in my rl closet.

A weekend on the yacht

Mesh Head–Lelutka–Stella



Mesh Body–Maitreya–Lara

Shoes–Reign–Avanti Pumps

Handbag–Reign–Cuffed Handbag

Sunglasses–Rowne–Actress Sunglasses

Dress–Milk Motion–Wrap Dress

Shaw–Foxes–Faux Fur Shawl

Makeup–lipstick/eyeshadow–ItGirls–Applier for Lelutka Head

Skin–Glam Affair–Katra

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes–Sky

In this photo, I put this on and felt like sipping champagne on an expensive yacht with my closest friends. I had to find a chic place to take pictures to capture the feel of this outfit. Sometimes you have to let the clothes speak to you in a scene and let them tell a story. Sometimes that story is dark and sometimes its light. And sometimes you want to be doing the things that you’ve always wanted to do. For me, this is definitely something on my wish list–living the posh life, while sipping bubbly in style with friends. I was able to do that yesterday and in great style thanks to the wonderful designers who helped to created this outfit.

Next is an outfit that I would wear after obtaining that beautiful glow from the sun’s rays.

A night in Paris

Mesh Head–Lelutka–Stella

Mesh body–Maitreya–Lara




Makeup–eyeshadow/lipstick–ItGirls applier for Lelutka mesh head

Shoes–JD–Angel slink black


Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Skin–Glam Affair–Katra

Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes–Sky

After a hard day of working business deals and mingling with friends on a yacht, it has come time to dine with flair and go ballroom dancing–then walk the streets of Paris. No self respecting rich kid can be without fine dining and travel. So after the yacht was docked, I headed out to the jet to take my mile high self to Paris for only the finest of cuisine and ballroom dancing the world had to offer me.

This meant finding the perfect dress from Junbug on 50L Friday, which I feel is basically stealing. This dress is worth so much more than 50L, but the designer graciously made it available to the public at this incredible deal. Who knew a rich kid could find an inexpensive dress? Needless to say, this company is one of my go to dress makers for an extravagant gowns.

So I challenge you to create a story in pictures. As always, Happy Shopping!



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