Fun in the Sun







Tattoo-White Widow–Midnight in Paris



Hair–Little Bones–Shaawat

Skin–Glam Affair–Katra

Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Eyes–IKON–Charm eyes–Sky

I’ve been meaning to do this blog for awhile, but never got to it for one reason or another. I was going through my inventory one day and decided that a blog about mixing old items with new needed to be done. I buy many things over the course of events, but I also use those items with oldies but goodies. I have favorite hair or outfits that will always remain staples in my wardrobe.

I remember buying this cute outfit from Foxes, which is one of my favorite companies. I also met one of my friends wearing this outfit, so it holds special meaning for me. I love wearing it out and about while shopping.

While shopping I found hair that went perfectly with my Tarot outfit by Foxes–an oldie but goodie. I couldn’t pass up Shaawat by Little Bones available at this month’s Uber—to go along with my Indian inspired skirt and top. The hair comes with two versions–one with the scarf and one without the scarf. I decided to wear the one with the scarf, because I thought it was just perfect with this little ensemble.

I think it’s really important to mix old with new. I mean people wear Vintage Chanel for a reason? Sometimes there are just classics that will remain important pieces in your wardrobe or become part of your signature style. I have clothes that will always remain part of my go to folders. I tend to always like a classic heel or big hair. So I will pair my new dresses with those treasures. I have a few from Spellbound that are just part of me. What can I say? I love big hair. As a result of my love for things old and new, I’m going to create a weekly event called Mixed and Matched. At any time, feel free to post your mixed and matched outfits during the week.

Now for something a little different….


Hayabusa Design Elegant Tree Humble M15-1 M2 v3-1 T1 Gift

Normally, I don’t include trees and foliage in my blog, but I was given a tree from a really sweet designer. It’s so beautiful and I really do love it in front of my house. I’ll be using this tree in my yard for a long time.

The reason I never blog about foliage is because I lack the green thumb that others have. I am wonderful with putting an outfit together, but sometimes leave something to be desired, when it comes to placing grass and flowers in my yard.

However, I have a huge soft spot for flowers in all worlds. I chose my name because of this love–(and yes I know daffordil is not how you spell daffodil). I made that error on purpose, so I could be a misspelled flower in second life :-p.

Seriously, though, I greatly appreciate this tree. Hayabusa Design makes really gorgeous landscaping and I highly recommend them. I would like to thank Mitsuko Kytori for gifting me this beautiful tree. I was very touched by this designer’s generosity. I hope you find their store as amazing as I do!

As always, happy shopping!!



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