How do you look cool on a chilly summer night?



Hands–@Slink–Elegant by Siddean Munro
Head–@ Lelutka –Stella–by Jaden Art (jadenart)
Body–@Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Pants–@ISON–Side Lace Pants–Harry Hyx
Under Shirt–Ricielli @Shiny Shabby –Roya Drapped Undershirt (fitted) by Fhara k. Ricielli (fhara.acacia)
Leather jacket–@ Shiny Shabby Roya Leather jacket by Fhara k. Ricielli (fhara.acacia)
Shape–@ Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence by Lyra Blackthorne
Skin–@ Glam Affair –Katra By (aida.ewing)
Makeup–@IT Girls backstage –Lip and eyeshadow applier by Shakiria Gaga (kiria.travesty)
Eyes–@ IKON–Charm Eyes–Sky

I had the summer time blues one day and felt the need to do something to raise my spirits. So I put on my heals and walked my happy self over to an event with the hopes of finding cute and edgy clothing. I wasn’t disappointed.

I went on a shopping trip to Shiny Shabby with my linden in hand. I needed something to cheer me up. Shopping in second life is sometimes more than an event. For me, I always look forward to shopping events. They lift my spirits and they inspire me artistically.

I cheer myself up with a shopping trip and a little time in my closet, while surrounding myself with my closest friends. Shiny Shabby wasn’t just a fun thing to do, but a life saver. I took pictures. I washed the day away with the freedom to release those emotions–and wear some of my favorite pieces to boot!

I hope that you find freedom through self expression too…and maybe enjoy an event with a friend or loved one. If you find yourself a little blue or even sick, there’s always someone inworld to talk to who may have those kind words–or say the thing you need to hear. Or you could just go shopping and complain about the day. Sometimes, we all need to find something that lets us breathe a little.

I hope you find your shopping partner in crime to wash off your day and maybe bring out some artistic expression. It’s good for the soul.

As always….Happy Shopping. Be good to one another.


Hippy Chic By Rayne Couture

Rayne Couture--Available June 25th

Nail polish–(NO)–Art Nails–Opulence
Makeup–ItGirl–eyeshadow and lipstick applier
Dress–RAYNE–La Boheme Skirt and top (Teal and Purple-bottom)—Available June 25th at Rayne Couture!
Shape–Body Doubles-Jennifer Lawrence
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra
Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes-Sky
Bag–Milk Motion–Woven straw bag–helloblue–summer fest
Towel–Milk Motion-Beach towel–blue–summer fest
Boat–{what next} Pirate wearable Row Boat–Rare

First, let me say that I am so excited to be accepted into the Rayne Couture blogging family. I’ve talked with Pink Rayne a few times on flickr. She has always been lovely to me, so I was so thrilled to be sponsored by her. Up above is one of her new items that will be available on June 25th.I had beaches on the brain and this outfit proved to be my muse.

I was so inspired by her colorful clothing. All I could think about was lounging on the beach with a tote bag filled with all the essentials. You can’t lounge on a sandy beach without a towel and tote. So I went on the hunt for all the necessities. Thankfully, Summer Fest opened and I found everything for my mini vacation.

Rayne Couture inspired this entire photoshoot with its vibrant colors and light clothing. It’s perfect for walking around on the beach barefoot with your closest friends and loved ones. This fantastic outfit did the trick for a day at the beach.

Awhile ago, I mentioned accessories helping to solidify a scene in a picture or even in role play. My day at the beach would not be complete without my tote bag filled with goodies like flip flops and magazines. You can’t just sit there in the sun. Every girl and even guy needs tunes and something to read. I also needed that important beach towel to protect my fantastic outfit from getting sandy. It really does help to build that summery feel!

Again, I am very excited to be blogging for Rayne Couture! I hope everyone enjoys this outfit as much as I am!
As always happy shopping!!
LM for La Boheme Skirt and Top–Available June 25th:

Rayne Couture

Hot Summer Nights




Pose: Elephant Poses–Sweet Treat
Ice Cream Cone: Imeka–Italian Ice Cream with Cherry–this month’s Collabor88
Purse–Ariskea– [Boheme] Mandala–Exclusive at N21…previous event
Nail Polish–(NO) Art Nails–Opulence—previous Uber event.
Makeup–ItGirls–Eyeshadow and lipstick applier for mesh head
Necklaces–Schadenfreude-Long Digital Alchemy Necklace
Shoes–Reign–break up pumps
Romper–Tres Blah–Cheeky Romper
Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra
Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes–Sky


First, I must apologize for this post being late. In general, I don’t speak of my real life, but I haven’t been feeling well. This is a few days late due to being sick. I hope you can forgive me for my tardiness. Now moving along to the most important thing….clothes…summer…and the love of Collabor88.

In the summer, I enjoy a night out on the town for an ice cream run or even just relaxing at home with a nice cold drink in my hand. So naturally, I wanted my photography to reflect those summer nights. To me, this is the best part of summer and maybe even living. All of my best memories were made in the summer.

It probably didn’t hurt that other designers must have been feeling the same way this round at Collabor88. They made shorts, tank tops, sandals, and hair swept off of the face. All of these are must haves for any fashionista. You want the clothes to be light and beautifully–all at the same time.

At Collabor88, a few of the designers made some items to help make those hot summer nights more believable. In one of my photos, I’m holding an ice cream cone by Imeka, which is available at this event. Imeka makes some wonderful products. I’ve bought more than a few items from them. Accessories and poses really do help to create a feel not only for a picture but your avatars whole inworld perception. Thank you designers for helping me to not only create a summer night, but a wave of beautiful memories.

When I attached the ice cream cone to me, it conjured sweet memories of those relaxing dog days of summer. Maybe you too can use it to create sweet memories in world with you and your dearest loved ones and closest friends.

As always Happy Shopping!! Cheers!

What does every musician need?

Sweet Melodies

Facing that stage.

Makeup–eyeshadow–lipstick–ItGirls applier for Lelutka mesh head
Shoes–JD Bollywood Leather
Headphones–Shi.–Heaphone V2.B.B–Rare–This month’s Arcade Gacha
Shirt–Erratic–Roxy Ripped top–previous Collabor88
Pants–Erratic–Basics printed leggings applier for Maitreya mesh body–Previous Collabor88
Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence

Drums–Kunst–Joko Domo-Taiko drums II
Smoke Machine–Kunst–FM MK1–Floor edition
Guitar–What next–Amerberley Decorative Guitar
Microphone–Rowne– Singer–Microphone
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra
Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes–Sky

Accessories can really take a picture or your avatar to new heights and meaning. They can make you look at a picture and know right away that an avatar is singing on a stage or posing for a magazine. A hat can be more than just a hat, but a signal to the rest of the second life community that you’re a cop or fireman. Sometimes it is the accessories that can bring us to life. I wanted to create a stage to sing, but I need some things to create that imagery. I had to ask myself this question: what does every Musician need?

It’s hard to define what everyone musician needs because it depends on the musician. However, I can tell you to bring me to life, I needed every one of the accessories in this photo to include smoke machines, a guitar, microphone and headphones. I didn’t buy every one of these items all at once. Some of them were old and some of them new.

Today, I realized that each of these accessories gave me definition as a singer. I held my microphone in my hand and had the band behind me with smoke blowing on my body. I would have never been able to make this interpretation without each of these items in this photo.

Second life is such a special place, because you can truly be whatever and whoever you would like to be. But you must have the little things to play the part. For me, I needed each instrument in the picture.When you put everything together, it really does project a role–a role chosen for reasons only known to us.
I chose this scene because music holds a very dear place in my heart. Musicians know that instruments speak to the soul and for me that has always been singing.I can play that role that for whatever reason I can’t. It’s a beautiful thing really, when you think about it.

Taking photos has always been a way to express myself without telling the world everything that I’m going through. I’m not one to share my life, but in this small way I can. It brings me joy. My role play allows me to say and do things that maybe I never had the chance to do.
As many know blogging requires a certain niche. I have always surrounded myself with role players in second life. I am just now realizing the importance of finding the right pieces to be that person they walk around as. So I hope that my blog can help those who play a part find that special item that makes it all the more real for them.

As always happy shopping!!
(This store is always really hard for me to find, so I thought a landmark was needed)