Hippy Chic By Rayne Couture

Rayne Couture--Available June 25th

Nail polish–(NO)–Art Nails–Opulence
Makeup–ItGirl–eyeshadow and lipstick applier
Dress–RAYNE–La Boheme Skirt and top (Teal and Purple-bottom)—Available June 25th at Rayne Couture!
Shape–Body Doubles-Jennifer Lawrence
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra
Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes-Sky
Bag–Milk Motion–Woven straw bag–helloblue–summer fest
Towel–Milk Motion-Beach towel–blue–summer fest
Boat–{what next} Pirate wearable Row Boat–Rare

First, let me say that I am so excited to be accepted into the Rayne Couture blogging family. I’ve talked with Pink Rayne a few times on flickr. She has always been lovely to me, so I was so thrilled to be sponsored by her. Up above is one of her new items that will be available on June 25th.I had beaches on the brain and this outfit proved to be my muse.

I was so inspired by her colorful clothing. All I could think about was lounging on the beach with a tote bag filled with all the essentials. You can’t lounge on a sandy beach without a towel and tote. So I went on the hunt for all the necessities. Thankfully, Summer Fest opened and I found everything for my mini vacation.

Rayne Couture inspired this entire photoshoot with its vibrant colors and light clothing. It’s perfect for walking around on the beach barefoot with your closest friends and loved ones. This fantastic outfit did the trick for a day at the beach.

Awhile ago, I mentioned accessories helping to solidify a scene in a picture or even in role play. My day at the beach would not be complete without my tote bag filled with goodies like flip flops and magazines. You can’t just sit there in the sun. Every girl and even guy needs tunes and something to read. I also needed that important beach towel to protect my fantastic outfit from getting sandy. It really does help to build that summery feel!

Again, I am very excited to be blogging for Rayne Couture! I hope everyone enjoys this outfit as much as I am!
As always happy shopping!!
LM for La Boheme Skirt and Top–Available June 25th:

Rayne Couture

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