I’ve Been A Bad Girl

I've been a bad girl

I was caught and outed as a disorderly drunk on the street. The cops found me and put me in cuffs. They humiliated me and made me stand in front of everyone to show case my silliness. Ohhh but it was so much fun and I would do it again. It was an unforgettable night.

It all started when this dear friend of mine gave me this little number. I had the clothes, money and friends. There was only one thing left to do—go out dancing of course and purchase some top shelf liquor. So my friends piled into a car and headed into the darkest of alleys with the hottest clubs in town. I had my club clothes on and I was ready to go.

My friends asked me about my outfit, so I gave them the scoop. I told them that Pink had made this outfit for a July 25, 2015 sneak peak release. She named it half pipe. She was even kind enough to hand me the card with the address of the store and she mentioned that it came in skulls and graffiti. I knew that the outfit was just skater enough to hang out at my local skater bar.

After that brief run in with my fav designer, I headed over to the store and decided to check it out. I rummaged through the clothes and bought one of everything. I went home and opened my packages and started creating outfits right away. I even had to put on my favorite weave…. I mean hair accessories.

Then, my friends called to invited me out and the rest was history. We went out and drank. We danced….not well mind you. We sang. We got lost in the moment. Then, there was a noise complaint and someone got rowdy. Punches were thrown and words were said. Well, I never miss a fight, so I threw a punch back. Except, I didn’t hit the skater. Nope, I hit a cop in the head with my chair.

Now, here I am with me in cuffs in front of a police cruiser. One of my lovely friends was so kind to capture the moment with her phone. She even used one of those nice apps on her phone to make it look pretty. She’s laughing. I’m still sitting in jail. So if you’re reading this blog, ummm could someone call my friend Kira. I need bail desperately. I don’t like the looks of the people in this jail cell. Help!

So if you’re in need of a punk night out. I know a designer who goes by Rayne Couture. You should check them out and see if she can hook you up. You can find her address by following the link in the credits.

As always Happy Shopping!



Head–Lelutka –Stella by Thora Charron
Hands–Slink –fist and elegant by Siddean Munro
Makeup–Izzie’s –Extra Eyeshadow Applier and Free Natural Lips Applier by Izzie Button
Pants, top, belt–Rayne Couture–Half Pipe tartan By PinkRayne
Body–Maitreya –Lara by by Onyx LeShelle
Hair–Lelutka –Dalila–Hair Fair by Thora Charron
Shoes–Renegade –Destiny by Sasha Heart (alexandra0666)
Shape–Body Doubles –Jennifer Lawrence by Lyra Blackthrorne
Skin–Glam Affair –Katra by (aida.ewing)
Eyes- —{Buzzeri}–Aura Eyes–Owned by Raven Wood

Tattoo–White Widow –Crosswind by Julie Hastings(julie.hastings)

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