Carpe Diem?

Dancing In The Rain

Dedicated to the ones we have lost this summer.

I’ve always thought about this saying to seize the day, but does one actually contemplate what it means. I think we all as individuals seize the day in ways that are meaningful to us. In sl, maybe we go on scandalous adventures or make long term friends–or maybe get close to those who feel like family. Some people build absolutely beautiful sims for residents to enjoy. We all choose a way to seize the day in our sl lives along with our real lives that puts a mark on this world.

Lately, there have been many passing of second life residents. While I may never know their names or the people personally, I still think of these souls in my day. Some of these beautiful souls have become great friends to the people inworld. They’ve built sims along side relationships with the people in this crazy world.

They chose to seize their day in a virtual world. I’m a firm believer that we take our time on this precious plane and leave a mark. The owner of Alouette will be greatly missed. I’ve been to her sim and the love is shown on the walls. This post is dedicated to her and the many others who have passed this summer.

In death, there is great sadness, but I have always believed that there is also great joy in the celebration of life. It is the precious memories in pictures and in our minds eye that are more precious than gold. We hold onto those memories to teach us and to grow from them. We seize the day with all of those wondrous gifts that life gives us–and we learn from the hardships.

I hope that each resident takes today to do something meaningful to them–hug a resident in need, listen to a friend, dance in a night club, and laugh uncontrollably at silly things. Life is short and living is hard. Lets all take a moment to think of those who have passed. Be good to one another.

Take Care as always

Violet 🙂


Head–LeLutka–Stella by Thora Charron
Body–Maitreya–Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Hands–Slink–elegant and fist by Siddean Munro
Boot–BOOM–Rubbery Rain Boots Rare by Ara Ultramegaforce (aranel.ah)
Makeup–ItGirls–eyeshadow/lipstick by by Shakiria Gaga (kiria.travesty)
Shirt–Tres Blah–Arlet Tee by by Julliette Westerburg
Shorts–Tee*fy –Anja Shorts by thuthu (azure.electricteeth)
Necklace–^^Swallow^^–Key Friendship Necklace and padlock by
Shape–Body Doubles –Jennifer Lawrence by by Lyra Blackthrorne
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra by (aida.ewing)
Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes–Sky by Chuck Duke
Hair–Argrace–Hikari by Rika Oyen

2 thoughts on “Carpe Diem?

  1. Beautifully said, Violet! Your final sentence especially rings true: “be good to one another.” If only we all held this philosophy, the real and virtual worlds would be much better places! ♥


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