Attitude With A Smile

Sneak peak

Sometimes you don’t want to express yourself verbally, but rather wear it for the world to see—and smiling while doing it. Rayne Couture has created tude tees and hustle leggings. Here’s a little sneak peak at what will be available to residents on August 25, 2015.

Rayne Couture is offering crop tops with bite and they’re available in various collors–as featured in the above photo.They come in: Blue (think my attitude stinks, try smelling my fingers), white (sorry not sorry), Pink and black (I wear heels bigger than your dick), copper (a little bit dramatic), and Black (because fuck you, that’s why). As you can see, each shirt has its own unique message to the world. These tees are perfect for telling someone how you feel without actually saying a word. And ……as you can see, I was a bit cheeky with pairing this tee shirt with my highest heels–feel free to steal that idea.

She also created some leggings to match the tee shirts. They’re available in the following collors: blue, black, copper, pink, and red. Each of these leggings can be paired with the shirts. You can also mix and match the colors to your liking, if you like to be a little different–and not so monochromatic.

When I put this outfit on, I knew that it needed to be worn on the street. Sometimes you wear clothes and you just know the perfect place to wear it. This outfit was of no exception. It’s to be worn and seen–maybe even to give a message to someone.  If you need that perfect tee with attitude and a pair of sexy pants, you’re in luck with this outfit.

You can find this at the Rayne Couture store. The link will be provided below the credits.

As always,

Happy shopping and be kind to one another.


Body–Maitreya–Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Head-LeLutka-Stella by Thora Charron
Hands–Slink–Elegant by Siddean Munro
Foot–Slink–High by Siddean Munro
Tee shirt–Rayne Couture–Tude Tee by PinkRayne
Leggings–Rayne Couture–Hussle leggings by PinkRayne
Shoes–Moda –LAHJA Platforms by resident modadesigns
Hair–Truth–Cameo By Truth Hawks
Eyeliner–MONS–LeLuka Mesh Heads Makeup Hud 6 by Ekilem Melodie
Lipstick–MONS–LeLutka Mesh Head makeup Hud 7 by Ekilem Melodie
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra–By Resident (aida.ewing)
Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence–by Lyra Blackthrorne
Eyes–IKON–Perspective Eyes–Cerulean by Chuck Duke


Rayne Couture

I’m Running Away!

Well, I’m not really running away. However, PinkRayne created a dress that made me think of a weekend getaway. It reminded me of a dress that you would fold and place in a weekend bag. It’s perfect for that mini vacation–elegant, stylish, and easy to wear–easily a go to dress for a night out on the town.

She made this two patterned dress in yellow, blue, and red, which is a free group gift. It’s available to residents at her store. I’ll provide a link down below, so you too can wear this pretty little dress. It’s wonderful to wear on those last summer days.

Despite the wonderful bright color, I can’t wear it with my Maitreya body. I just couldn’t get the alphas to work with it. So many of you will notice that I am not wearing my signature mesh head or mesh body. Maybe others will have more luck with it than I did. It’s always good to try on the demos, before purchasing clothes with mesh bodies. I can’t comment on whether or not it works with the TMP body because I don’t currently own that body.

However, Strawberry Singh talked about an auto hide created by Maitreya for their mesh body in her blog awhile ago. While, I’ve never tried it. I have a friend who did. Unfortunately, she said it was a bit difficult. I may have to give it a try myself. Maybe I’ll be able to wear my mesh body, if I figure out the auto hide applier. I have it in my inventory. I need to dust it off and give it a try. Maybe you will have a bit more luck.

It’s still a wonderful dress for a night out on the town.Enjoy this cute little weekend dress free of charge to those who are part of the group. And if you’re not part of the group, it’s never to late to join and reap the benefits. So get out there and join!

As Always Happy Shopping and Be Good to one another


Hands–Slink –Elegant by Siddean Munro
Dress–Rayne Couture–Paris by PinkRayne
Lip stick–Izzies –11 Qopi Natural Lips Peach (dark tan) by Izzie Button
Eyelashes–Demi Starshine –Lady 1 by Resident demi Placebo
Eyebrow–Glam Affair–Universal Eyebrow by Resident (aida.ewing)
Hair–LeLutka–Deanna by Thora Charron
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra by Resident (aida.ewing)
Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence by Lyra Blackthrorne
Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue Gray by Chuck Duke

Birthday Bash!!!!

Collabor88_Birthday_009 - Copy

So it’s not my birthday, but it was Collabor88’s special day. And….oh how special it really was. I attended this month’s very popular celebration with linden in hand. It did not disappoint. In fact, I loved every minute of my spending. I looked forward to this event all year. I loved every second of it–best shopping experience ever!

Well, there was one little problem. The shopping is so incredible that getting into Collabor88 posed a bit of a problem for many residents and lag was in full swing. However, if you can get past the repeated failed teleports and the running in place, it is so worth it. I bought many items, which will be featured in the next few weeks. Some of them will be long time staples in my wardrobe.

In the above photo, pixicat created this amazing and stunning dress. The stars actually move. If I could capture the true beauty I would, but a picture in this case does not do it justice. I’ve been running around inworld with this dress and I am happy to say……it may not come off for a few days. Okay, okay, it may come off for a really good reason. All jokes aside, I adore this dress with all of my heart.

I can’t begin to tell you the amount of special items that Collabor88 has. I went with one of my best friends this round–as always. I could feel her squeals of excitement pulsing through every word. I knew she had to be bouncing up and down in her chair, when she got into the event. I’m still giddy over my purchases and bouncing with glee.

Now onto business, this month’s theme was day dream. Everything was exquisite. I have to tip my hat to all of the designers for the time they put into making these beautiful and gorgeous items. Bravo designers….bravo. Thank you for making me feel like a million bucks on the grid. You all have made this resident a very happy girl.

So if you’re having a bad day and down in the dumps, I highly suggest a trip to Collabor88. No matter your sadness, there’s an outfit calling your name to make you smile. I know …that it certainly brightened my day.

Okay enough with my gushing, get out there and go shopping. Whatever you do….make sure to have some fun–put on your favorite music and bring a friend with you. They will thank you.

Be kind to one another and happy shopping!!


Head–LeLutka–Stella by Thora Charron
Body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
hands–Slink–Elegant by Siddean Munro
Feet–Slink–High by Siddean Munro
Dress–Collabor88–Pixicat–Dreamy Dress–Cosmic–Collabor88 by Resident Areve
Eyeshadow–Modish–Electra EyeLinerSet (LeLutka Applier) by Elle (ele.brandi)
Lipstick–Totally Top Shelf –<nova>–Grace Lipsticks (LeLutka Applier) by Resident noctea.despres–this is at an event and Event name is the LM
Tattoo–White Widow –Midnight in Paris by Julie Hastings
Hair–Exile –Siren’s Call by Resident Kavar Cleanslate
Shoes––Veronica Platforms–black by Resident Darling Monday
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra by Resident (aida.ewing)
Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence by Lyra Blackthrorne
Eyes–IKON –Blue Gray by Chuck Duke

Moving Day

Blog coming soon......We <3 rp and moving day

Blog coming soon and We <3 rp moving day

So it’s not me whose moving, but rather We ❤ Role play. This event moved to a different location with more room which means more stores—so residents have a lot to choose from. I have to say that I love the location, but what I really really love is this round. I spent a little bit of linden here and there. I had my partner in crime with me–the great and wonderful Kira.

We were walking around the sim and found this great headpiece and corset. I couldn’t pass it up and knew that it would look great together. I did what any good shopper would do. I bought them immediately. I love fantasy and rushed home to put it together to take pictures. While putting together this outfit though, I had an opportunity to talk with a few people.

While chatting about this months’ round of We ❤ role play, one of my friends mentioned the event as being “out there”. I thought about that a bit. While some things can be extreme, I think part of the beauty of second life is being “out there”. I mean who doesn’t want to say to someone….yup I’m a goddess today. Tomorrow, I’m going to walk around as a hot dog. Fyi, my first experience with second life was seeing someone dressed as a hot dog. I decided not to take myself too seriously from that moment in time. Some of us are out there for our own amusement and joy. I am definitely one of those people. So join in the fun and get out there. You never know what will perk up your day.

Side Note—This maybe one of my shortest posts only because I need to fix a problem with my computer, which may take me some time today. I found myself with a daunting blue screen of death. So it means looking at software and hardware. Oh I feel you getting tired and bored behind that computer while reading about my ….yawn computer problems. Okay, I’m getting to the credits down below.

Any ways, happy shopping and be kind to one another.

Violet Daffordil


Body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Head–LeLutka–Stella by Thora Charron
Hands–Slink–Elegant by Siddean Munro
Feet–Slink–High by Siddean Munro
Head piece–We ❤ RP–Zenith–Gypsy Tiara–Sea–we ❤ rp by Miffyhoi Rosca
Shoes–FashionNatic –Arely White–Gun by Ellen Moonites
Petals–Gacha Garden–Astralia–Blossom petals–white and pink–gacha–common by Resident (astralia)
Dress–We ❤ RP–Dead Dollz–Marla by Kiddo Oh
Hair–Truth–Harmony by Truth Hawks
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra by (aida.ewing)
Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence by Lyra Blackthrorne
Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes by by Chuck Duke

Edited to add–in case you missed it…. We ❤ RP new location

Oh How I Vogue

One of the things that I love to do in second life is act as though I’m a model–even if I’m not one. I haven’t done that officially in SL, but I have walked around feeling like one. For right now, it’s good enough for this wannabe. I love feeling fabulous in an outfit that could easily be photographed on the runways in France.

Sometimes, I find pieces that help me get that look by mixing old with new. In this particular photo shoot, this is no exception. I got the glasses from a gacha at a previous Arcade Gacha event. The hair isn’t exactly new, but it is one of my favorites from Spellbound. I have been on the grid wearing it many times. I have no words for how much I love their hair. And that jacket, it actually comes from another outfit. My necklace is a friendship necklace from swallow and holds a lot of meaning for me. So overall, this outfit was a lot of mixing and matching.

Speaking of mixing and matching, I took pieces from events and paired them to create an ensemble worthy of being on the cover of any magazine–or at least I’d like to think so. I’ve paired old with new–along with classic favorites. I think it’s important to mix and match outfits. It extends the wear out of an item. And lets face it, sometimes you just have that one item that’s a signature style. I was saw a celebrity on TV explain that she loved pairing high fashion with inexpensive items to create something special. I happen to agree with her and try to do this in the grid–as well as in real life.

Now for the new stuff…..I recently went to FaMESHed where you can find this beautiful dress and shoes. There were a few really great pieces. Even though I didn’t feature this item, Zaara has a fantastic bathing suit for all of you last minute summer shoppers. It works with the Maitreya body–Lara. It’s called the Kasi Bikini and comes in an array of colors.

On to shoes, I bought this lovely pair from N Core. This is my first time buying shoes from this company. I have to say that I love them with all of my heart. I’m going to have to check out their store more often. I just want to wear these shoes all the time. Okay now for the list of colors, they’re available in black, silver, white, nude, gold, choco, camel, Bordeaux, red, fushia, pink, lilac, navy, teal, turquoise, and yellow–whew that’s a lot of color. They work with the Maitreya body, Belleza,TMP, and Slink enhancement feet.

And last but certainly not least, the dress featured in the photo. I also purchased this at FaMESHed. It’s from a company called Miss Chelsea. It comes in multiply colors to choose from such as: black, nude, steel, dusk, cream, amethyst, cyan, magenta, emerald, and sapphire. The dress is also for the Maitreya body. I believe this is also the first time shopping at this store as well. I look forward to seeing what other dresses they have available.

Okay my little fashion addicts, there is only one thing left to do–shop. So with that, have fun shopping and take.



Head–LeLutka–Stella By Thora Charron
Body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Hands–Slink –Elegant by Siddean Munro
Feet–Slink –High by Siddean Munro
Hair–Spellbound –Forgotten by Mystic Meg (kohana.xue)
Dress– Miss Chelsea–.Sita Bodycon Nude Maitreya by Coral Lacey and Davidefre—–LINK TO FaMESHed
Shoes–N Core –ENCHAINED by Claire (claire.messenger) and Nurieta (nuria.augapfel)—LINK TO FaMESHed
Sunglasses–Rowne–Actress by Landar and Justice Topaz
Coat–DIRAM –Shoulder Coat–by djod Karu
Necklace–^^Swallow^^–Key Friendship Necklace by Resident Swallowy
Shape–Body Doubles –Jennifer Lawrence by Lyra Blackthrorne
Skin–Glam Affair –Katra  by (aida.ewing)
Eyes–IKON–Lucid Eyes–Blue Gray by Chuck Duke