Attitude With A Smile

Sneak peak

Sometimes you don’t want to express yourself verbally, but rather wear it for the world to see—and smiling while doing it. Rayne Couture has created tude tees and hustle leggings. Here’s a little sneak peak at what will be available to residents on August 25, 2015.

Rayne Couture is offering crop tops with bite and they’re available in various collors–as featured in the above photo.They come in: Blue (think my attitude stinks, try smelling my fingers), white (sorry not sorry), Pink and black (I wear heels bigger than your dick), copper (a little bit dramatic), and Black (because fuck you, that’s why). As you can see, each shirt has its own unique message to the world. These tees are perfect for telling someone how you feel without actually saying a word. And ……as you can see, I was a bit cheeky with pairing this tee shirt with my highest heels–feel free to steal that idea.

She also created some leggings to match the tee shirts. They’re available in the following collors: blue, black, copper, pink, and red. Each of these leggings can be paired with the shirts. You can also mix and match the colors to your liking, if you like to be a little different–and not so monochromatic.

When I put this outfit on, I knew that it needed to be worn on the street. Sometimes you wear clothes and you just know the perfect place to wear it. This outfit was of no exception. It’s to be worn and seen–maybe even to give a message to someone.  If you need that perfect tee with attitude and a pair of sexy pants, you’re in luck with this outfit.

You can find this at the Rayne Couture store. The link will be provided below the credits.

As always,

Happy shopping and be kind to one another.


Body–Maitreya–Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Head-LeLutka-Stella by Thora Charron
Hands–Slink–Elegant by Siddean Munro
Foot–Slink–High by Siddean Munro
Tee shirt–Rayne Couture–Tude Tee by PinkRayne
Leggings–Rayne Couture–Hussle leggings by PinkRayne
Shoes–Moda –LAHJA Platforms by resident modadesigns
Hair–Truth–Cameo By Truth Hawks
Eyeliner–MONS–LeLuka Mesh Heads Makeup Hud 6 by Ekilem Melodie
Lipstick–MONS–LeLutka Mesh Head makeup Hud 7 by Ekilem Melodie
Skin–Glam Affair–Katra–By Resident (aida.ewing)
Shape–Body Doubles–Jennifer Lawrence–by Lyra Blackthrorne
Eyes–IKON–Perspective Eyes–Cerulean by Chuck Duke


Rayne Couture


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