I’ve been so busy in world and in my real life. Despite all my running around, I’ve been able to go to a few places. I went to Tres Chic and The Secret Affair. I was not disappointed. I found a few cute outfits and I even talked to a few people inworld. I’ve been enjoying myself. Second life should be enjoyable. I’ve been working on my own definition of how to enjoy myself inworld. We each define our time differently. It makes the world go round, but I digress.

First, I want to talk about the title of this blog for a moment. I named it after a Halsey song called Control. I’ve been listening to her music a lot lately–thanks to a dear friend suggesting it to me. There’s a lyric…..”I’m meaner than my demons.” I can’t get it out of my head, because it is so true. I’ve also had many conversations about demons in general–figuratively–not literally. It holds truth. We are meaner than our demons and we can beat them–sometimes we need a little help though. Any way, lets talk about the important stuff–clothes.

I found this wonderful dress at Tres Chic. It’s by Villena. I’ve been a fan of Villena for quite some time, so I’m very glad to see them at an event. I really hope to see them at future events. The dress is called  the cut out dress. It exposes my midriff and comes with this lovely skirt, which cuts off around the knees. It’s sexy and perfect for the night on the town.

Then, I went to The Secret Affair. I found these rings by ieQED called fanciful rings. I was lucky and won the claw ring and the fox ring. I have a very good friend who is indeed a fox. Sometimes I like to put little things on my avatar that represent something meaningful. So I am bound to wear these rings for a very long time.

I finished off this look with hair in the back of my inventory closet and a pair of sunglasses won at a previous Gacha event. You can find this hair at the main store at Exile. If you check out Rowne, they may still have the gacha for these sunglasses. They are a big staple in my wardrobe. I wear them quite bit.

Okay my blog readers, I’m keeping this a bit short, because I am going out of town yet again. My real life keeps me busy at times. BUT I’ll be back before you know it. So Au Revoir.

Be good to one another!





Head–Catwa–Annie by Catwa.Clip (catwa.clip)
Body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Hair–Exile –Stone Cold Seduction by Kavar Cleanslate
Sunglasses–Rowne –Rowne Actress–Gacha by Donutella Versace (couleur.latoe)
Dress–Tres Chic –Cut Out Dress by Kambi (villena.swansen)
Purse–Eclat –Flap Over Clutch–free gift by Kambi (villena.swansen)
Rings–ieQED–Fanciful Rings–Gacha by Victory Fist (sigifaust)
Eyelashes–L’Etre–Angel Lashes #10 by Dᴀᴠɪᴅ Cᴏᴏᴘᴇʀ (dam1710)
Eyes–IKON –Triumph Eyes by Ikon Innovia
Skin–DeeTalez–Susanna by (steffi.villota)

Rings can be found at the Secret affair
Dress can be found at Tres Chic and the purse is a free gift

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