By Kira The Mermaid


By Violet Daffordil

After the senseless tragedy in Orland and a couple of moody posts, I thought it was time for something a little bit brighter. I think a lot of people need to watch a few cute animal videos and listen to some fun music. Who doesn’t need a bit of cheer from time to time? So many things make me happy. One of my favorite past times is shopping–in all worlds.

BUT, before I get into shopping details, I want to talk about Purse First. This song is sung by Bob The Drag Queen who starred on a show called RuPaul’s Drag Race. My fishy mermaid friend told me about it. Then, she promptly said, you are watching this show with me. I gave it a try and became addicted. Now, I’m on amazon binge watching previous seasons to keep up with her chatter about contestants.

Before meeting my good friend Kira, I didn’t really know anything about Drag Queens, the culture, or much about it. My lack of knowledge did not last long though. I was quickly filled in and in the know. I’m so thankful for the education. In my own world, I’m a self proclaimed makeup addict. I also happen to like anything that sparkles or has glitter. So it makes total sense that I would become addicted to it. Here’s a little of background information about the show.

RuPaul is a Drag Queen who holds a contest for America’s next Drag Queen superstar. Contestants have to compete against each other trying to win the title and some posh prizes. Contestants sing, act, dance, and strut on the runway with their handmade or purchased couture. They are all judged on performance and outfits. Be warned though, two queens have to sing for their life at the end of the episode to stay in the competition.

As with any competition, there’s one person standing at the end as the winner. And last season, Bob The Drag Queen won. One of his prizes was starring in and singing– Purse First . My fishy friend was addicted to this song. She referenced it every where. I knew it was only a matter of time until my own photo shoot of Purse First was around the corner.

Yesterday was THE day, Kira and I created our own photo inspired by the song. I sat back as Kira took over the set building. She pointed; I rezzed things. She moved a few things around. Then, voila, we had a set! I can’t take the credit for the set, but I did buy this dress before her. She saw it on me and then had to have it. We were back at Kustom9 in search for a dress….speaking of shopping.

This wonderful dress can be bought there. It’s by ::villena: and called the Halter Sweater Dress. I paired it with my trusty sunglasses and some hair by Little Bones–called Luna. Now, I’m all ready for a night on the town.

I highly recommend Kustom9 this round. It was surprisingly good. I bought a few things and a good laugh with a dear friend. All in all, there are brighter days ahead. If you’re finding yourself a bit low and down, I also recommend RuPaul’s Drag Race. It always brightens my day a bit.

For information regarding my outfit, look no further than down below at the credits.

As always, be good to one another.

Cheers, Violet XOXO



Head–Catwa–Annie by Catwa.Clip (catwa.clip)
Body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Dress–::villena:: –Halter Sweater Dress by Kambi (villena.swansen)–Kustom9
Hair–Little Bones–Luna by Nova Faerye
Eyes–IKON–Triumph Eyes by Ikon Innovia
Sunglasses–Rowne –Actress by Justice Topaz
Hands–Slink –Relaxed by Siddean Munro
Skin–DeeTalez–Susanna by deetalez.com (steffi.villota)


4 thoughts on “PURSE FIRST

  1. Yaaaaaaas, Violet! Work! 😀 I was *so* happy that Bob the Drag Queen won. Such a funny guy; I always love it when the funny/quirky ones win, they often have really fantastic personalities. And of course, he killed it during “Snatch Game” which is just the golden standard for amazing episodes. So cool you like that show too, my mom got me hooked, haha! ♥

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