"The past is what you remember, imagine you remember, convince yourself you remember, or pretend you remember. " Harold Pinter

“The past is what you remember, imagine what you remember, convince yourself you remember, or pretend you remember”

Harold Pinter

Whew, what a week I’ve had! I had people in and out of my real life home. They came knocking. They were faces of my past. Etched into my memory, there were times spent with them over many summers–sometimes good and sometimes bad. They’re a part of the real life story of Violet.

In the midst of nostalgia, I went to a few events and contemplated my past. Before I go into ohh the memories. Let me talk about uber again, I found this dress by Ison and it is hot. It’s not in flames on my body or anything, but sexy with a never ending slit. This wrap dress is perfect for a night out on the town, while trying to beat the summer heat. I also stopped by this month’s chapter four and found this wonderful head piece from LODE. I always love buying their head pieces, but I do have a bias for flowers after all. My name is Violet.

While picking up these wonderful items, I had a moment to think about my past, future, and even my present. Life is a complicated beast. Beautiful moments shaped the person that I am today, but harsh realities also had an effect on me. Despite those harsh moments, I pushed past them and I learned to find exciting things to look forward to–and live in the moment. I’m a little shaken with the events of this past week. So my blog is a little late. Hey….that’s life right. I’ll dust myself off and pick myself up again.

Here’s to shopping with friends for a little retail therapy!

Be good to one another and happy shopping.

Violet XOXO


Head–Catwa–Annie by Catwa.Clip (catwa.clip)
Body–maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Dress–Uber–Sahara Wrap–by Harry Hyx
Head dress–LODE–Bellflower Crown by Chirzaka RV (chirzaka.vlodovic)
Hair–Truth–Thalia by Truth Hawks
Eyeshadow–studio exposure –Pack Makeup Catwa Limited Edition Pretty Girl Eyeshadow by Shanti (ashamti)
Lipstick–Studio Exposure – Pack Makeup Catwa Limited Edition Pretty Girl Lipgloss by Shanti (ashamti)
Eyes–IKON–Triumph Eyes– by Ikon Innovia
Skin–DeeTalez–Susanna by (steffi.villota)

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