Winter Queen

Winter Queen


“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.” Aristotle

I’ve always found this statement to be true. In a virtual world, it’s hard not to have someone who doesn’t always like us. People aren’t always the best version of themselves. Personally, I’ve had my moments. Then, there are times where someone is just bad news. Either way, we are always our own worst enemy. I know this to be true because I’ve dealt with my own little struggles, which are always rougher than any enemy could dish out.

In the past week, I’ve thought a lot about the past few years in Second Life–the good and bad. I’ve seen websites dedicated to blasting sl enemies and sharing information. I’ve seen back biting fights. People sharing Im’s and saying some pretty mean things about each other. It’s all out war sometimes.

Despite all the bad things that can happen or be said in this little big virtual world, people come together in times of tragedy. Perky Button lost everything in a fire and on plurk people came together to set up fundraisers. People cared. Maybe….just maybe.., this is the true spirit of the holiday season–not gift giving, or stressing about the desires of others. Rather, the holiday season is about caring about people–those you love–friends, family, and pets–even strangers.

Putting everything aside to come together is a victory. It’s a victory of self, to see past hatred. Humanity exists beyond the mesh, textures, and rezzing. Someone created a sign that read… “There are no miracles here.” I posted the picture awhile back on my feed. I was swiftly met with a comment of disagreement. I laughed it off and thought nothing of it. Now, I see the miracles that can happen inworld–love, care, compassion, and empathy. It’s all the good things in life.

With all these feel good emotions, I went shopping with a really good friend of mine who has given me compassion, care, love, and empathy in the worst of times. We went to the Chapter 4 where I picked up this beautiful lipstick by Arte. Then, we headed over to the arcade. I won this rare body suite by Birdy. I adore this outfit. I paired it with some of my favorite holiday hair from Magika. Now, I’m ready for a cough cough cough dirty Christmas.

I’d like to briefly mention Bento. It has hit the grid officially in the Second Life viewer. While I am so excited to see animated hands and mesh that’s capable of being edited, I am disappointed in the lack of male bento heads. There always seems to be inequality, when it comes to male vs. female products inworld. I was disappointed in seeing only female hands available at Vista. I’ll wait to blog any such items, until they are available to men as well. I like going shopping with my guy friends–just saying designers. Please don’t throw tomatoes at me. It is the holidays. Love you all.

If you’d like to find some of these wonderful finds, please look down below at my credits.

Have fun holiday shopping!! Bring someone along with you!!


Violet XOXO


Head–Catwa–Annie by Catwa.Clip (catwa.clip)
Body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Ears–Mandala –Steking Ears by 菊之介王子 (kikunosuke.eel)
Lips–Arte–Julie Lips by Miriam Lemondrop
Eyeshadow–Studio Exposure–Catwa Limited Edition Pretty Girl–no longer available by Ash Kezenn (ashamti)
Corset–Birdy –Cabaret Tyr Sinister (tyr.rozenblum)
Hair–Magika–Sparkle by Sabina Gully
Eyelashes–L’Etre –Angel Lashes #10 by Dᴀᴠɪᴅ Cᴏᴏᴘᴇʀ (dam1710)
Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes by Ikon Innovia
Skin–DeeTalez–Susanna by (steffi.villota)

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