Nostalgia--Photo By Matzukaze Balestra

Photo By Matzukaze Balestra

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“Nostalgia is when you want things to stay the same. I know so many people staying in the same place.”  Jeanne Moreau

First and foremost, I can not take credit for this wonderful and fabulous photo. My good friend Matzu ended up taking this picture for me. I am eternally grateful for his help in the creation of this post. He’s wildly talented. I’ve adored him and his pictures for a very long time. Without him and his amazing photography skills, this post would not exist. My computer is slowly dying on me. So, I am currently waiting for a new computer. I should be back to taking pictures and blogging hopefully within 5 to 10 days. I am impatiently waiting. I miss taking pictures inworld for my blog, flickr, and second life feed. All of those activities are a big part of my second life.

When it rains, it pours. Or at least, in my life, it seems to be the case. I came down with a nasty cold and my computer is having massive issues. I’ve wanted a new computer for a very long time. I have broken usb ports, and issues with it reading the NIC card. Now, everytime I try to post a picture to my desktop second life crashes–rather my computer can’t handle it and shuts it off. To say, I’m over it would be an understatement of the century. But sometimes, you have to go through things to be stronger.

Speaking of going through things, it had me thinking of the past–in  second life and real life. I’ve been living in a bit of nostalgia lately. I have desperately wanted things to be the same as in the past–in all of my worlds. It’s a tough pill to swallow, moving forward. Sometimes, you need that moment to look back at the wonderful memories one creates. I’d actually like to take a minute to reminisce.

I’m going to start with second life, because this is my second life blog after all. I have two great friends who have been my world in second life, since the creation of Violet. I have not gone a day alone in second life. I have always had people surround me. Some would say that I am very lucky. They would be right. I will always remember flying around on a broom in my dome with my best friend Kira, on a crisp fall day. I will always remember using an animation with the Baywatch theme song with my equally good friend Matzu. Oh, how your names have graced this blog so many times with so much love and adoration in my heart. Every time I wear a black dress, I think of my friend Kira. It is her uniform after all. Every time I see a fox in any world, I am reminded of my favorite kitsune.

I remember so many wonderful things. I will never forget the times spent laughing, usually at my expense. For I was a noob, when I met these wonderful people. I didn’t know how to go into transparent. I didn’t know how to adjust body parts. I didn’t know how to do a lot of things in second life, which provided many laughs with my friends. I miss those times. I didn’t have a flickr page with a ton of followers. I didn’t have a blog. It was just me, my avatar, and really great friends. They taught me everything that I know about this world. In time, they became my own shield and sword. They stood up for me not just here, but in all worlds. They became a VIP in Violet’s world. So for that, I will always be indebted to them.

Those warm and fuzzy memories remind me of a softer, kinder, and gentler time with real life friends buried in my past. I adore summer. I like to feel the warmth of the sun grace my skin and the beads of sweat rolling down my arms. It reminds me that I am alive and here. Summer brings back memories of ice cream trucks blaring silly songs in the air. Children running and screaming with glee. The smell of chlorine permanently ingrained in my clothing. Careless days with no responsibility pass through my memory like a leaf falling in the wind. I remember walking endlessly with friends, jumping in pools with not much on, and ice cream a permanent staple as a dessert. I remember loving people fully with my whole heart. I remember those adolescent friends shaping my entire being. I would not be who I am with out them. They touched my life in every possible way. I am thankful some of those same people still remain in my life to this day.

Just as those friends touched my life, my second life friends touched my life in very important ways too–differently, but equally important. See in this world, I was able to learn lessons that may have never happened. Some lessons led me to this very moment and to this very blog post. I realize that sometimes people become staples in your life. It would hurt too much to lose them. Yet in life, we always lose people. Relationships end. People pass along in this life. People grow and move on, which is good–but hard. I don’t deal well with those situations. Things never stay the same, despite how much we wish it to never change. No matter how much things change in this virtual world, I hope that my virtual friends know how much I love and care about them. I don’t always express it, because well that’s hard for me to do.

No matter what happens in this life time, I want those people to know how much they mean to me. You only get one life. You should never wait to tell someone how much they mean to you. Even if those friendships run their course, love never dies all at once. If it does, then that person never loved you to begin with. I learned that lesson a long time ago. I met a friend for lunch, after many years of not talking. She expressed her love and compassion for me, even when she was angry at me. That friend taught me the most about love. I would not know what love feels like without those important friends. So I place friendships in high regard. For I do not know love without them.

In honor of those happy times at beaches with wonderful people in all worlds, I took this picture with two great friends. I love them greatly and hope they know how much they mean to me. I bought this great bathing suit at the latest and most fabulous Uber event. It’s by one of my favorite and go to designers–Erratic. It’s called Leffe and available in multiple colors. I chose this wonderful turquoise hue. I paired it with my Posy hair from truth to add a soft touch. If you like this bathing suit, you should check out Uber for all the latest summer fashion finds.

Thank you for reading this really long blog post and sticking with me. I hope you make warm beautiful memories of your own. Find the people that you love in life and hold on. Don’t take a second of it for granted. Cherish it. I’ll be back soon posting pictures and, before you know it :).

All my love to friends

Violet XOXO


Bathing suit–Erratic –Effe by erratic (erratic.rain)
body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Head–LeLutka — Simone by Thora Charron
Hair-Truth–Posy by Truth Hawks
Skin–DeeTalez–Jolie by (steffi.villota)


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