“True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” Socrates

It’s been awhile, since I’ve written this many blogs in one week. What can I say? I love Hair fair. This really is my favorite time of year. There’s pools, heat, ice cream, and new wigs. It really is my idea of fun. Many may see my avatar online, but fret not. I’m just enjoying the heat and a cold beverage. So please forgive my afk’s. I digress though. Lets talk about Summer Fest and Hair Fair.

This past week, I went across the grid looking for the perfect summer outfit and shades. I had to look no further than Summer Fest. I found the shorts, tank, necklace, and shades all at Summer Fest. The necklace and shades are from Amala. I adore both of these pieces and want to wear them all the time. The shirt and shorts come from C’est la vie. They are both really cute pieces. This outfit screams fun in the sun. I have the wonderful designers to thank.

Now onto Hair Fair, this truly is an event that I look forward to every year. This hair is also from Little Bones. I fell in love with this wig, as soon as I saw it. It’s called Naomi. It comes with different looks too within a hud. You can move one piece of hair to one side of the head, or you can have all your hair back–or even all of your hair pushed forward. It’s like getting four different hairs in one. It truly is a deal.

Finally, I really like this quote–below my photo. Over the last two years, I’ve found myself realizing how little that I understand. The wisdom comes in the realization of how much there is to learn about the world and ourselves. Life can never be fully understood, because it’s always throwing curve balls at us. I’ve had a few thrown my way inworld and in real life. I find myself lately questioning everything that I used to know. It’s not a fun feeling, but the wisdom that some things remain a mystery is kind of calming in a way. You can’t plan out life. It’s true what they say though, “God laughs, when you’re making plans.” I’m not much for religion, but I find this saying to be true.

The only way to deal with the mystery of life is to enjoy morning coffee/tea, playing in the pool, reading a book, watching tv, working out at the gym, cuddling your pet or even having fun in a virtual world with friends. The most enjoyable aspects of life help to deal with the harder parts. I’m starting to understand this a little more this summer. I have friends and family who are refusing to let me mope about in my house. I’ve had invites to the beach, which they will not let go. I might have to learn to enjoy the good parts of life, so the harder parts are a bit easier to deal with. Yet, there’s much about the world that I don’t understand. I’m still growing. I’m still learning, but I can enjoy those outfits designers make and the real life beach. I will be the first to admit the world around me doesn’t make any sense sometimes. I’m flawed. I make mistakes. But in the end, I’m just a person trying to understand myself a bit more and the world around me.

Okay, I’ve given you some food for thought and hopefully I’ve also given you a few places to check out this summer. I have to go to enjoy this summer day, before the thunderstorms roll in. If you like this outfit, please check out my credits for landmarks.

Be kind to one another.

Violet xoxo


Hair–Little Bones –Naomi by Nova Faerye–Hair Fair 2017
Sunglasses–Amala –The Alessia Sunglasses by Crystal (crystalny)–Summer Fest
Necklace–Amala –The Alessia Necklace by Crystal (crystalny)–Summer Fest
Top–C’est la vie –Febe Takini top (peach) by Larcoco Ragu (larcoco.mathy)–Summer Fest
Shorts–C’est la vie –Febe Takini bottoms by Larcoco Ragu (larcoco.mathy) Summer Fest





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