“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt


I’ve always loved this quote, because it is so incredibly true. In the past, I’ve felt inferior to others. I gave people that power, unfortunately. It took this quote to remind me of a very important lesson. It’s important not to give someone that kind of power. People are just people–no matter who they are or where they come from. If you feel strong, you will be. If you feel like you can do something, then you can. You are only limited by your own limitations. The reason that it’s important not to let someone effect you like that is because you set yourself up for never feeling worthy of doing great things. We are always capable of doing great things.

Now that I have you feeling all warm and fuzzy, I’d like to talk about this outfit. I went to the Hair Fair for this lovely coif. It’s by Limerence and it’s called Jess. I really adore this hair. This company is new to me, which is always nice to discover new companies. It’s so soft and pretty. I had to pair it with some flowers, so I headed over to the Chapter Four. I played the Lode gacha machine and won the Spiderwort Flower in purple and gold. Then, after a few days of trying, I got into the Crystal Heart Fair and bought this cute pink outfit by Evani and it’s called Elliean skirt–and top. Finally, I paired it with makeup by Alaskametro called the Lumina makeup palette, which I got in this month’s powder pack.

Speaking of the Powder Pack, I’d really like to take a second to talk about it. I’m not one to get the monthly boxes, but I love makeup. I’ve wanted to try this one at least once, before casting any judgements. The Powder Pack is a box that you preorder which comes with a bunch of makeup from various companies. Right now, they have makeup for Catwa and LeLutka. If you preorder your box, you end up paying less. The dates for those orders are listed at their main headquarters. For catwa, it’s the first of the month. For LeLutka, it’s the 18th. It costs 1,500L. However, after the preorder dates, the box goes up to 3,000L. The boxes comes with skin, makeup, and eyebrows. The following companies currently participate in the monthly box: adored, Alaskametro, Amara Beauty, Arte, Egozy, Ohemo, Essences, Modish, Mudskin, Slack Girl, Studio Exposure, Zibska, Atelier Pepe, DeeTalez, Izzies, Just Magnetized, Pink Fuel, and Pumac. As you can see, there are a lot of companies that participate. You can also purchase past boxes, but again they cost 3,000L.

In my opinion, the powder pack box is really a bargain. It comes with so many products from some of the grids best companies out there. I see myself purchasing this box again in the future. I have found some of my favorite makeup in these powder pack boxes. It really is worth the linden.

I’ve had a great time shopping this month for makeup, hair, and clothes. There’s some fantastic summer shopping this month. So grab a friend and plan a trip. It’s so worth it.I hope you all have some summer fun on and off the grid. If you like any of the above styling, please check my credits below for landmarks.

As always, be kind to one another.

Violet XOXO


Headdress–Lode –Spiderwort Flower Purple and Gold by Chirzaka RV (chirzaka.vlodovic)–Chapter four
Hair–Limerence –Jess Hair by Kirusik–Hair Fair 2017
Eyeshadow and Lipstick–Alaskametro–Lumina by Alaska Metropolitan–Included in July Powder Pack
Top and skirt–Evani –Elliean by · عvɑηi · (evastika.aura)–Crystal Heart Fair


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