The Fox and The Girl


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage”.
Lao Tzu

I’ve wanted to do this picture, since the creation of this blog. I’m so happy to finally take this picture. I waited to gain some editing skills—and the right outfit. I’m happy to do this picture because there’s so much representation in this one little photo–that has surrounded my time in second life. We all choose our path. Mine contained creative characters, caring people, sometimes difficult people as well, and a few that provided laughs (when I really needed them).

The moment that I knew this picture needed to be made, I looked forward to sharing it with the one person who would appreciate it the most. I believe in signs and omens. So when the epiphany was filled with Asian inspired items and those few things that reminded me of a person that surrounded me in my second life, I knew what it meant. It was time to do this picture. Of course, I wish there was a better time to do this picture–perhaps a year or so ago. But timing has always been an issue for me–nothing is ever convenient. BUT, maybe it is the perfect time. Hopefully that person meant to see it–reads this post.

Then, I found this wonderful quote that sums up so many things for me. It’s personal and relevant–and on the nose. I have such a friend that has been there over the years. He gave me strength in some of my darkest of hours. I had the blessing of courage, but I also needed strength. It’s a very valued trait to have, especially when your journey in life requires it. Yet, I imagine everyone must need a bit of strength to get through real life–as well as second life. Maybe the person who gives you strength is miles away. Maybe they’re family, a beloved friend, or maybe they’re even a stranger. Where ever you find strength, cherish them while you have them. This post is dedicated to the one person who was my strength, during my most difficult of times. Kitsunes will forever be in my heart.

Okay, now lets talk about how I got to this lovely picture–THE EPIPHANY! I love this event so much. I love gachas. Three different companies helped me to create this wonderful picture–Cureless, The Ugly and Beautiful, and Zenith. The wheels in the background are from The Ugly and Beautiful. They’re called Firey Green Wanyudo at the epiphany. My kimono, umbrella, and gold fish in hand all come from Zenith (Shen Le) gacha. The Zenko kitsune beside me in the above photo is from Cureless. All of these items can be found at the epiphany. So try your luck at this wonderful gacha event!!!

Be Good To One Another!


Head–LeLutka –Simone by Thora Charron
Body–Maitreya –lara by Onyx LeShelle
Kimono, Umbrella, Goldfish in hand–Zenith–Le Shen Gacha by 喵 仙 人 (miffyhoi.rosca)
Zenko Kitsune–Cureless–Yakai Chronicles Gacha by Kaorinette
Hair–Besom–Lolla Essentials Rare Gacha by No Also. (kattington)
Wheels in the background–The Ugly and Beautiful –Firey Wanyudo (Enthralling Flames Gacha) by Aii (devilaii)









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