“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

Harriet Tubman

Sometimes people forget to dream and it impacts your life. I know that it did mine. I was laying in my bed under a warm blanket and about to drift to sleep, when I had a sudden realization about my own dreams. I shut the door on creating new dreams about the future, because things didn’t go my way. I know many people go through this at some point in life. I never expected for things to turn out differently than I had planned. But there is that saying…..”God Laughs, when you’re making plans.” But it shouldn’t stop a dreamer from thinking of what could be.

Dreams are important. They give you something to aspire to. They give people the fire that lights ambition and drive. I know in my case that dreams effect me this way. It makes me excited to think some dreams can come true. It helps us to be excited for the future rather than fearful. Dreams give us so much, yet so many stop dreaming.

I can never speak about why others slam a door on what could be. However, I can tell you what made my door slam on mine. I left an ideal situation in real life, because of my health. Things were going very well for me, but life had other plans. I was hit by sudden life events that were uncontrollable and not anyone’s fault. I just didn’t expect them. As a result, I sank like the Titanic. I tried to find hope in others, but I realized that it really begins with myself.

Any time people brought up the future, I would wave it off. I made no plans and didn’t look forward to anything. It seemed impossible to think of a different plan for myself, other than the one I had worked so hard to make. It didn’t just effect me in real life, but also in my virtual life as well. I never signed on with companies to blog for them. I wasn’t hopeful, when things changed suddenly. I couldn’t cope with changes, because I couldn’t see past my own plan. I wanted everything to work out perfectly. When things didn’t go a certain way, I gave up on everything.

Even inworld this happened to me, when friendships or families didn’t go as planned, I gave up on the notion that it would go well with others. But it’s not fair to myself or the people around me to give up on possibilities in life. So what, things didn’t go my way, but it doesn’t mean another dream won’t go my way. It takes strength to pursue a dream. You have to be patient, because one dream may not turn out–but another may come to full fruition. Then, you have to have a bit of passion for whatever you do. Passion is the fire that gets you moving. When you put all three of those elements together, there is no telling what you may accomplish or who you will help. Maybe, you will even end up helping yourself along the way.

What did I do with this new realization. Well, it lit a fuel under me for sure. I applied to companies inworld to blog. And I started some pretty exciting and bold things in my real life, despite my own adversity. It’s just time for me to move along and see where life takes me. It may not be the perfect situation, but I can still accomplish a few of the things that I’ve been dreaming about since I was a child. And…..I’m better for it. DB poses welcomed me into their family graciously. Thank you DB poses. And I have exciting news to share over the weekend with friends in real life. Life doesn’t really get better than that. Always appreciate those little dreams that do come true. And remember, if things didn’t go your way, there are always other possibilities. We just have to seek them out and be open minded.

To help me dream, I went over to Uber. I bought my socks from Fri. at Uber, which are called Holly socks. I also bought this wonderful dress and cardiigan from one of my favorite companies, Dead Dollz. It’s appropriately named Cozy cardigan and camisole. Both are sold together. So get warm and cozy in this months Uber, so you can think of a few of your own dreams.

And also don’t give up on people, you never know when those people may help you in the end. They may even help you see or realize your own dreams…..or they may become part of them.

Okay enough of my ramblings, be kind to one another and to yourself.


Violet XOXO


Hair–Exile –Go by Kavar Cleanslate–June arcade 2016, gacha item
Eyeliner–Veechi–Dazzle Eyeliner by Aiubrey Snoodle
Lipgloss–Veechi–Genie by Aiubrey Snoodle
Head–LeLutka –Lelutka by Thora Charron
Body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Necklace–Ama.–Dreams Necklace
Dress/cardigan–Dead Dollz–Cozy by Kiddo Oh–Uber October 25, 2017
Socks–fri.—Holly Socks by Darling Monday–Uber October 25, 2017
Eyes–IKON–Charm by Ikon Innovia


Pose–DB Poses–A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset by Denny Ballyhoo (denny.ballyhoo)—Thank you DB poses 🙂 Available on the MP

Location–My home

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