Into The Dark

Into The Dark


The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon.
Jean Ingelow
I know this isn’t my usual amount of blogging.  However, I’ve been planning this picture for weeks. And I was really excited to take it. A good friend of mine Kody Myers has a photography company and I really wanted to take his picture. I also want to promote his photography company. I always believe it’s important to support each other, rather than knock each other down.
I’ve been so excited to do this photo because I very rarely pose with people. I would like to practice posing with others and taking pictures of other people rather than myself. So it was so wonderful, when he agreed to put up with me :). He was ever so the gentlemen and I really appreciate it. He is also a very talented wedding photographer, but he’s interested in taking clients for profiles. His name inworld is Kody Meyers. Here is his Flickr, if you’re interested.
Okay, now I want to switch gears and talk about the quote up above. It reminds me of perception. It’s how we see something differently than others. I have thought so much about perception in the last few months. I talked about it with other residents too. I have a friend whose style is completely different than my own, yet we appreciate being different. Seeing things differently can be almost calming. If you go through a tough time in life, those who see something in one light can be changed by another shining a different light at another angle. I was feeling really blue, but I saw things differently. It has definitely made a difference. Inworld or real life, we need the perspective of others to guide us sometimes. If it weren’t for others, we would get stuck in our own head. It’s important to see a new angle or a different idea–even learn how to do something differently. It’s how we grow as human beings. My friend reminded me that sometimes we put our own emotions into what we read. And I think she’s absolutely right. Any way, on to shopping…
To help me relax, I went to N21. I bought this lovely dress from Mossu called Precious Dress in beige. Despite N21 being over, most stores do put those items on the market place and/in their main store. I hope second life finds you and lifts you up in the most saddest of times, because we all need respite.
As always,
Be kind to yourself and others—you never know what the other person is going through behind the monitor.
Much love,
Violet XOXO

Dress–Mossu –Precious Dress by Stephen (akirakiyoi)
Hair–Exile–Flickering lights by Kavar Cleanslate
Lipgloss–Izzies–Daphne Sheer lipgloss by Izzie Button
Eyeshadow–Izzies–Metallic Eye by
Izzie Button


Tux–Deadwool— Peak TUX by Masa Plympton
Ears–Mandala–steking Ears by 菊之介王子 (kikunosuke.eel)
Hair– Stealthic — Like Lust by Hunter (stealthic)


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