“One night, close your eyes and forget your woe, talk to me dear, and tell me of the poets of yesteryear. Tell me a story to drown in my cup, and let your words touch my soul down to the bellows of laughter. Give me a dream and let me leave you as a whole person to dream of yet not of this life but in other realms” by Me

I made this quote thinking about the dreams that I create in a creative world. It is made by us and played/lived by us–created by us. So like the one tarot card states you have to look upon the things you created and evaluate them. I’m no different. I’ve created my own world. I tell stories within emotes–sometimes better than other times.

In the last few months, I’ve slowly been happier. I was healing. I was doing things in all my worlds to slowly be okay from one of the hardest years of my life inworld and in real life–buying a house in rl, emoting, and finding calmness etc. But sometimes, you have to do things that you really don’t want to do. I really didn’t want to out myself, since I was enjoying myself thoroughly–emoting on a rp sim.

I outed myself as an alt. Why would you out yourself? Well taking pictures as two people (sometimes 3, which I don’t recommend btw, slows your computer way down) isn’t always easy, especially with medication running through your entire system. I was giving wrong Im’s to people and I wasn’t good at keeping track of who is who any longer. I take pictures of my own avatars.  I do it for many reasons, sometimes the simplest of ones. I want to be alone in a creative universe and take a picture alone to get lost in the many hours of music that I listen to in a day. I do it to not interrupt or disrupt people. I have many reasons for doing it. I know others in this world enjoy taking pictures of themselves too. I am not the first and won’t be the last.

I really didn’t want to out myself because I knew it would complicate things, in a really uncomplicated situation. I emote, therefore I am. I have my fun, dressing, shopping, and creating a vision of my own. We all do. It really is as simple as this answer. I didn’t want to hide because I couldn’t any more. And I can’t hide. I will admit inworld.. hey that other avi is me too, because I am not well enough to keep a conversation between the two of me, while posing. It’s too hard.

I’ve had a lot of fun these past few months, a lot of fun actually. I wouldn’t want to give it up. I’ve also met some really fun people. I’ve enjoyed myself. And I hope people find that here for themselves. I fell into a well of the blues and I slowly crawled out of it. I’m stronger today than I was yesterday. I’m happier in general. And I make no apologies for emoting and listening to music, while shopping. I will say that I am not 8 years old like my alt would suggest. I was given that avi as a way to heal and I have. I made friends and I can laugh a little more. It was the intended purpose.

I’m sorry for existing……. except, I can’t apologize for being alive and being happy. I can’t do it. I’m alive today. I try to enjoy as much time as I have, because surgery is scary and life is not a guarantee. I think anyone going into medical stuff knows that so much can go wrong, but so much can go right too! I am enjoying my worlds and trying to see the good. I try to see the good in everyone, even at a person’s ugliest, because I know there’s good in every person–except that really murderous psycho dude in that one move (I leave this open for all those great psycho killers in the movies). I would have to dig deep for that one :P. So for now, I’m happy and content. For now I am naked and exposed–and vulnerable and I’m okay with it.

So if you want to feel a bit naked, I highly recommend The Fetish Fair and Romp. I spent so much there. I’m wearing the R.icielli bra, harness, panty combo. I’m also wearing hair from Doux, Swanepoel and a blindfold by erratic. Sometimes it’s nice to pair old with new. Alisha, the blond, my other avi, and yes she is mine….is wearing the Salt and Pepper harness Tam from Romp. I love both of these events. I hope you do too.

Be kind to one another.


Violet XOXO


Bra/Harness/Panty–R.icielli –Shelley by Vliet Ricielli Kaur (vliet.troncon)–Fetish Fair 2018
ears–Mandala–Steking Ears by 菊之介王子 (kikunosuke.eel)
Hair–Doux –Swanepoel Hairstyle by Dᴀᴠɪᴅ Cᴏᴏᴘᴇʀ (dam1710)
Blindfold–Erratic–Chris by erratic (erratic.rain)


Harness–Salt&Pepper –Tam by Salt (xxsaltandpepperxx)–Romp 2018
bottom–Fawny–Submissiveness by Stephen Del Rey (akirakiyoi) Rare–gacha
Top–Fawny–Submissiveness by Stephen Del Rey (akirakiyoi) Rare–gacha

Pose–The Owl–Taste me by ..::ŤڪзĎ ȻℜεʌтίøŃş::.. (hanti.loxely)



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