Give Your Heart A Break

Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it. Tori Amos

Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it. Tori Amos
Before heading into this blog post, I want to say that I am currently moving in real life and I will be taking some time off from sl–to hook up my cable, have a moving company deal with my stuff, and all the lovely things that come with a move. I’m excited for this move. I’m happy about this move and it has been a long time coming. However this post is a bit somber. Despite all of the new beginnings in my life, I’m also facing a lot of stuff….some things really scary and I do not always have the support system that I’d like to have (But I am one strong bitch and I will make it through). I will have surgery also in the next month or so, depending on when my surgeon is available to operate. I’ve had some heart breaking moments in second life and real life. I’ve pushed people away. I have a lot going on, so I wanted to talk about healing. I think that every person could stand to hear a post on healing. We all go through things in life that break us.
Healing really does take courage and sometimes you have to dig to the deepest part of your soul to find that courage. I’ve gone through months of healing over so many things. I dug so deep to find the strength to overcome things. I still have bad days sometimes, where sadness is the hardest thing that I deal with. I have a lot that puts me through emotional roller coasters. I think everyone does at some point in life. I always joke that if life was easy… it would be called happy fun time. BUT, alas, it is not. Being shattered has had its impact on me, as well as others.
My heart was crushed, a lot it seems. I went through a lot of heart ache in a very short time period. I felt in pieces. I was sad. I wanted to crawl under the covers and hide. I was broken in every single way a person can actually feel broken and let down. I was let down by the actions of others. I was shattered. Sometimes when the pieces scatter all over the place, you have to find a way to pick them up and make sense of it. Sometimes you have to do the best that you can, so more pieces of yourself don’t fall apart.
I am still picking up pieces of myself every day and sometimes I still have a piece of me shatter. But I have the courage deep in my pockets to want to heal. I want to feel whole. Some days are easier than others. Pain can shatter you in every way possible. It shatters a sense of who you think that you are. It shatters the image of self. It shatters the very essence of your dreams at times. It hurts right down to your soul–the physical and emotional pain. The struggle is real. But life, choices, and circumstances can also shatter a person.
So you really have to be courageous in wanting to heal, because life sometimes creates situations that you need to heal from–while you’re still healing from something else. It takes courage to dig in your pockets for strength. I am still digging through my pockets for strength, every single day. I think most people do. We’re all fighting a battle that no one knows anything about, so we are all healing from something in life.
Be strong and know that you’ll be able to find the strength that you need. And when your pockets are empty, people always seem to give you some of their courage and strength. Give your heart a break because your heart needs one. You should curl up with a good book, shop, eat, and laugh, because those things fill your pockets with the strength to heal and give you the courage to see that life is full of potential. And know you’re loved by those who give the courage to heal. I also want to add that sometimes healing means doing things for yourself–buying a home and caring for that home (my experience). Sometimes you have to rebuild what was once broken–and that’s okay.
Whew, okay, now I can talk about events on the grid. I’ve gone to a few–Collabor88, Pose Fair, and Shoetopia. My stockings and heals are from Reign at Shoetopia. They are sold separately. My shorts, shirt, blazer, and hair can be found at this month’s round of collabor88. Finally, my pose is from Bauhaus Movement. I love this company an awful lot and I bought their fatpack of poses, which isn’t something that I usually do, but I really love their poses. It gives me a lot of options to be creative.
I am officially taking a blogging hiatus to deal with my real life move. I will only be gone about two weeks, but I will be back. Also due to being a sensitive person who is scared to go into surgery at this time, I am asking for patience with other residence at this time. Thank you.
Okay… as always, Be Kind To One Another,
Violet xoxo

Hair–Little Bones-SIren by Nova Faerye –Collabor88– April 2018
Heels/Stockings–Shoetopia –Peep Toe Stilettos, Ruffle Lace Stockings–by KENADEE REIGN (kenadeecole)–Shoetopia April 2018
Blazer–Tee*fy–Kiara Blazer– by thuthu sendpie (azure.electricteeth)—Collabor88 April 2018
Shorts–Tee*fy–Mia Shorts by thuthu sendpie (azure.electricteeth)–Collabor88 April 2018


Pose–Bauhaus Movement –Disseminate Anime Style by LouLou Hill (loulou.teichmann)–Pose Fair, April 2018

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