Skeleton In My Room

There are no secrets that time does not reveal. Jean Racine


There are no secrets that time does not reveal. Jean Racine

So this blog post is a little tongue and cheek. When I was younger, I LOVED horror movies. I always knew that if a couple in the beginning were cuddling and being all in love…. surely something wicked was going to happen to them. Most times, I was right too. So naturally, I wanted to do a picture depicting something a little funny and maybe a little sinister too.

Speaking of sinister, you will probably notice a lot of Halloween themed pictures this month. I really do enjoy Halloween. Sometimes if you can’t participate in the festivities for whatever reason in real life, second life plays a wonderful role in the celebration. So as such… I’ve been a busy bee decorating. Life can get a little hectic blogging and decorating at the same time. But I did it!

I’ve been pretty mellow inworld and keeping a little to myself. I’m still healing and sleeping a lot. There are chances of seeing me online and not really being online, as I am still recovering. So my blogs will be a little shorter than usual.

BUT, I can’t end this blog without talking about some note worthy events on the grid. I bought this fabulous bed at Fameshed, which is by DRD. I love DRD and I use them quite a bit in the month of October. They make some really awesome furniture and I can not gush about them enough. I highly recommend them for your ghoulish home. Now that wonderful skeleton is by Consignment. You can find this item at The Event which is tied to the arcade. There are a ton of gachas that are so perfect this month. I spent a bundle there and you will be seeing a few items from multiple designers. BUT that’s not all, I got this really great lingerie set by Cynful. It’s not a company that I blog often, but this set really is nice and I have not taken it off for a few days. I just love it. The lingerie set is available for purchase at this month’s round of Collabor88. My hair is by little bones and is called Umbra, and you can also find this wig at Collabor88. Finally, my pose is by CuCa Designs and you can find it at Pose Fair. It’s called bliss. I highly recommend her poses. She has some sensual poses and more risque poses, if that’s to your liking. So please check out pose fair, Fameshed, The Event, and Collabor88. All of these events have a little bit of something for everyone.

Get out there and bring your ghoulish friends to shop and remember to be kind to one another.


Violet XOXO


hair–Little Bones –Umbra– by Nova Faerye–Collabor88 October 2018
Lingerie–Cynful–Widowmaker Lingerie set by–Cynthia Ultsch–Collabor88 October 2018


Skeleton–Consignment –Skull in love by ValiantCo–The Event October 218
Bed–DRD –Rebecca’s Nightmare PG by Jaimy Hancroft–Fameshed October 2018
Pose–Pose Fair Designs–Bliss 05 Bento Poses by Cuore Capalini Carillon (cuore.capalini)–Pose fair October 2018




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