Part of the problem is how little we understand about the ultimate betrayal of the body when it rebels against itself. You always worry about charlatans. We found that specialists did not know as much as we thought.
Charles Bronson
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter!!! I know that it has been awhile, since my last blog. I have a good reason. I promise. This week I came down with a cold or allergies. In the midst of medical tests, I feel ill–very, very, very ill. Unfortunately, residents have messaged me and I have missed their greetings. I’ve taken some medication and I just feel plain wore out. This time of year, I usually deal with some type of sickness. I’ve been under tremendous stress both in real life and in second life. I really want to have a good day, but alas I have to wait for my good days.

As a result of everything, I found this quote by Charles Bronson. I have to say that I can relate. I can’t breathe. I’m wheezing. I’m taking medication on top of other medication. In the end, I’ve slept all day. So please bear with my slow and moody blogging days. Eventually things will get better, right? They have to. I’ve hit my emotional and physical rock bottom. The only place is up–hopefully.

Despite my body betraying me, this month has been excellent for shopping and finding a new SL home. The epiphany just opened up, as well as the pose fair. So I am completely broke after shopping and paying tier. However, I am totally okay with that, because I was in some desperate need of retail therapy. I headed over to the epiphany and won this beautiful dress by Zenith called a Spring Vest Skirt. I won the color in sky, which I normally don’t wear. I really like it though. I paired it with some fun hair from a previous hair fair and some of my favorite Izzie’s makeup. Voila, I had the perfect Easter/spring look. I also did a little decorating. I moved inworld too. I was pretty proud of my decorating skills, so I decided to snap this pick at my house. Sometimes, you just have to move inworld. I really needed a big change.

Moving on to other important inworld happenings. Maitreya had some really exciting updates!! There was an update for the Maitreya body, Lara. The body now comes with Bento hands. I am so incredibly pleased with mine. While I like the hands from Vista, I have a lot of nail polish appliers that I’d like to use with my Maitreya body. So if you haven’t updated your maitreya body, I highly recommend that you do. It’s so incredibly worth it.

Okay, my loyal readers, this is where I leave you to check out my credits. I am off to put myself off to bed.

Be good to one another.

Violet xoxo


Body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Head–LeLutka –Simone by Thora Charron
Hair–LeLutka –Dallas by Thora Charron
Dress–Epiphany –Spring Vest Skirt by 喵 仙 人 (miffyhoi.rosca)–epiphany
Lipgloss–Izzie’s –Daphne Sheer Lipgloss by Izzie Button
Eyeshadow–Izzie’s–Daphne Eyeshadow by Izzie Button
Eyes–#adored –Nova Eyes by Walton F. Wainwright (faust.steamer)




“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Buddha

In the past few weeks, I’ve thought about happiness. It’s a subject that always plagues me a bit. How do we find it? What does it look like? How do we keep it, once we find it? In any world, we seek it. My happiness may look different to another. What works for me may never work for the person beside me. And some people struggle with it by no fault of their own.

I’m talking about happiness today because I think second life can bring happiness to those who need a bright light. You never know a persons darkness, but you can decide not to add to it. Be the flame that helps others and not the howling wind. Maybe I write this as a reminder to others, but maybe…just maybe I write this blog as a reminder to myself too. We all need a reminder now and then.

On a lighter note (see what I did there 🙂 ), I found this bright and colorful dress at the latest Collabor88. I really adore it. It’s by The Secret Store and called the sylva dress. It comes in array of color options, if pink isn’t your thing. I really like Collabor88 and look forward to it every single month.

Usually, I never mention furniture in my blog, but I really have to mention this bed. It’s by one of my absolute favorite companies–+Half Deer+. They created this wonderful bed called the Dreamrose Princess Bed. It was featured two Collabor88’s ago. I waited to put this bed up, but I really shouldn’t have. I absolutely love it. I see myself using it quite a bit.

Speaking of things from past events, my skin is from the previous skin fair. I always see skin from YS&YS, but never pick it up. This year was different. I decided to pick up some new skin. One of the things that draws me to SL is the ability to change my look–from clothing, hair, and skin. I like being able to change once in awhile. I have freckles, which is nice. I decided to give up some land and vacation at a beach house. Sometimes you need a change of scenery for a new perspective.

Find your happiness with the people who surround you. Be kind to one another. And know that no matter what happens on the roughest of days, tomorrow is a new day and there’s always an opportunity to find happiness.

Okay, I’m drifting, so I’m going to wrap this all up with credits and put my weary self to bed.

Be good to one another

Violet xoxo

Head–LeLutka –Simone by Thora Charron
Body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Hair–LeLutka –Dalia by Thora Charron
Dress–The Secret Store –Sylva Dress by Melee Totally Not Nayar Oh (maylee.oh)–C88
Animation–LeLutka — Anime TNG Set 002 by Thora Charron
Eyes–#Adored –Nova Eyes by Walton F. Wainwright (faust.steamer)
Skin–YS&YS –Elena by Monicuzza Babenco

Bed–+Half Deer+–Dreamrose Princess Bed by Halo (halogen.magic)




“How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees?”

William Shakespeare

I’ve never been one to have much patience. I blame technology. Everything is available at the click of a button, these days. When it comes to matters of health or even the human spirit though, the option to heal at the click of a button isn’t really an option. It takes time. I’m dealing with both at the moment. My posts are reflecting how I feel. Even inworld, I struggle. I’ve mentioned chronic pain in previous posts. I stopped taking medication to control the pain. As a result, my mood has not been great. I’m also dealing with other things at the moment. I’m asking residents just to be a little patient with me.

In the next few weeks, there is a chance of surgery. So I may end up taking a short break from the virtual world to heal those parts of me that are hurting. Fear not though loyal readers, when that day comes, I’ll let you all know. The recovery time is extensive so I have no idea how long my absence will entail. BUT, this will heal me and take care of that pesky pain, which I’ve dealt with for almost two years now. I’m hoping for approval right now from doctors.

In addition to health, I’m not sure that my time in second life will ever be the same. I’m not sure, if I’ll ever be the same again. I need patience inworld and in my real life at the moment. It’s not the easiest. I’m struggling with all my worlds. So maybe that break to heal my broken body will also help a cracked heart too.

Meanwhile I’ve been watching a show to help with some of that down time.  I linked an episode of Steven Universe that reminded me to go through the motions of my feelings. A dear friend got me hooked. I have to find my happy to be okay–especially with surgery. Recovery is long and painful. There’s also a lot of work to be done afterwards. But I know this will give me some quality of life back. I also need time to heal from sl stuff too. I’ll figure out how to heal eventually. Okay enough talk about all of that……onto the picture at hand.

Now, I want to talk a little bit about my outfit. I went shopping with my shopping buddy Kira. We both found this wonderful outfit from Villena called a lace up skirt and V top. There are many options available. You can find it at this month’s Uber. I have to say this round is excellent, so it may require a little patience to get there. It’s worth it though. For more styling info see the credits below.

Be kind to one another and I’ll try to do the same.

I’ll be around 🙂




Lace up skirt–Villena by Kambi (villena.swansen)
V Neck Top–Villena by Kambi (villena.swansen)
Hair–Rowne –Salon Sanna Hair by Fashionboi Landar

*My picture seems to be having issues. I’ll try to fix it later.









“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” Aristotle

I really hope that everyone is having a good start to spring. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, because I know summer and warmer temperatures are right around the corner. I could use a bit of both. I hope others are planning fun things for sunnier days. I know these past few weeks haven’t been the happiest on my flickr–or even in my blogs. I haven’t been in a good place, so I returned to real life. I reminded myself of all the things that are the most important to me. I think that’s important. Virtual worlds are wonderful, but there are times when things can become difficult. There is something to be said for a good meal in a restaurant and a day of walking around.

I thought a lot about my time in this big/little virtual world. I made a home here in a way. The friends have left impressions on me. I have left impressions on them too–sometimes good, sometimes bad. I am deliciously imperfect and full of flaws. I’m not saintly. I’m not perfect. I’m full of folly–like most people. I’ll be the first to admit it. Once, I had a very dear friend of mine in real life who told me every person you meet battles demons. Both her parents have now passed from alcoholism….way before their time–and no she is not an sl resident–just a very dear rl friend. She taught me a lot about mistakes, going through dark moments, redemption, and finding the light in every special moment that graces your history. I’ve been so incredibly lucky that my sl story had good friends surrounding me, in my most darkest and vulnerable of moments. I’m even luckier to know people in my real life who have guided me through some tough things also.

I think about time, because I grapple with it. How I spend it? Where I spend it? Who  I spend it with. And what it means to me. I don’t value time the way that I should. I don’t even come close. I’m spending my whole life learning how to respect–myself and other people–which takes…time. It all comes down to time in real life and second life. How we spend it defines who we become. Our friends become reflections of us. Our goals are shaped by what we do. I always say time is precious. It really is. It took me a lot of thought this week to realize that I don’t regret the relationships that I’ve made in any way. Each person who has crossed my path has taught me something by giving me their time–both good and bad…..and everything in between.

Whew, okay those are my heavy thoughts. Now onto the important stuff, I stopped by the skin fair and changed up my skin a bit, but I stuck with DeeTalez. I love their skin. I also found this wonderful lingerie by Erratic at this month’s Collabor 88. You may have to hurry though. The end of the month is nearing and the next round is right around the corner.

Before I end this…. I want people to know one thing. Your darkest moments never define you. You are more than your worst day–in all worlds. Thank you to my real life friend for reminding me that I am more…so much more than a few bad days. Thank you to the residents who touch my life as well.

Be kind to one another and I’ll try to learn to do that more each day too. 🙂


Head–LeLutka –Simone by Jaden Art (jadenart)
Body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Ears–Mandala –Simple Ears by 菊之介王子 (kikunosuke.eel)
Nails–arcade–Spooky Salon–Thirst–at the arcade this month
Hair–Clawtooth –Giselle by Bubbles Clawtooth
Lingerie–Erratic –Priscilla by erratic (erratic.rain)
Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes by Ikon Innovia
Skin–DeeTalez –Claudia by deetalez.com (steffi.villota)





“Nothing can make injustice just but mercy.” Robert Frost

I love Robert Frost. He’s my favorite poet. I remember reading his poems on the coldest days. They always gave me a bit of hope. Even today, I find his words hopeful. Sometimes everyone needs a bit of hope and mercy in life. There’s that line of needing a break. If you ever get that small tiny break, you should embrace it and cherish it. They don’t always happen. Also never forget those who give you a break in the end and show you a bit of mercy, because they may just hope that you do the same for them in return.

A long time ago, I had a resident tell me that everyone at some point everyone contemplates leaving second life. People take breaks. People come back. People leave. I am not alone in this. After 3 years, I did just that….contemplate leaving seriously for about a week. Some would think it was due to not handling a stressful situation. However, it wasn’t. When my mental health falters and I reach a breaking point, I have every right to step away or quit–when or if I deem necessary–without explanation. Now that being said, I did not walk away. I took care of myself in my real life. I continue to do so. I felt misunderstood, judged, and criticized. Then, I also had real life events happen and I was ready to wave the white flag and just quit to take care of myself.

In the end, I felt down. Even if some things were true, it’s never an easy thing to hear. I’m still recovering from just living life, last week. I’m sure there will be a more up beat blog on the horizon. Everyone goes through difficult periods in their life–this is mine. I’ve been shown mercy, which made me hopeful that things would get better.

Thanks for sticking with me. Despite all of that, there are some wonderful events on the grid–the arcade, collabor88, and the skin fair is soon to open. I spent some time at the arcade with a friend of mine. I was able to find this wonderful outfit. For styling information, please see my credits below.

Hair–LeLutka –Adrianna by Thora Charron
Top–CX–The Iron Maiden by Cᴇʀʙᴇʀᴜs (kamayari)
Panty–CX–The Iron Maiden by Cᴇʀʙᴇʀᴜs (kamayari)
Corset–CX–The Iron Maiden by Cᴇʀʙᴇʀᴜs (kamayari)
Gloves–CX–The Iron Maiden Rare by Cᴇʀʙᴇʀᴜs (kamayari)






“Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.” Benjamin Franklin
I found this quote at a time contemplating my own mistakes in all worlds. Benjamin Franklin simply meant that mistakes and failures don’t ruin us. They give us opportunities to grow and move on from them. They teach us something about ourselves good and bad. I made a mistake this week, but not the kind where you left your keys on the counter instead of the key ring. It was this blaring mistake with awful consequences. I ended up hurting my friend in the process, which I’ll always be sorry for. I never want to hurt people, yet I do.
Instead of self pity for my own mistakes, I’d rather take a minute to thank people instead, because life is not always about me. Life is about people. The struggles and adversity that people endure becomes a piece of each person–yet does not define them. I’m thankful for a friend who taught me that lesson. Thank you Yumi. Sometimes it is the kindness that people show to one another. They seem to be happy by making others happy. Thank you Manky. It’s the people who spend endless amount of time getting to know their closest friend and teaching them about editing photos—and even how you work this bloody thing called second life. I wouldn’t know how to edit my clothes without you–or how to dress at times. Thank you Matzu. Then, there are those whose life is defined by silliness and a willingness to say anything in hopes of a laugh. The ones who look up events and make you excited. Thank you Kira. Finally, it’s the role-players who lift the spirit of a person behind a screen struggling. I’ll leave that one nameless. I’m thankful for this person none the less. Thank you to the friends who have kept me company in the late hours/early morning by inviting me out to see them dj and host. I love supporting people who love music just as much as I do. I get to shake my booty with the likes of Stormy, Pixie, Lilly, River and Byte. Thank you Mattuh for your funny things that you send me. Thank you Pizzy for sending me a Christmas card on a tough day. You are all an important part of my second life.
I know that all of these people have real lives. They have their own unique struggles. Yet despite all of that, they make time for others in some way. Hopefully by my own screw ups, I learn to appreciate people more and make others feel listened to–and validated. Maybe just maybe, I will learn to whine less and be there for others more. Hopefully, I will learn to shut my mouth and just listen. I even bought a mask to help me with that problem! I’m not a perfect person. I’m flawed. I make mistakes, but I have a good heart–or at least I’d like to think so. We’re all bound to make an error in judgement, but like Benjamin Franklin said those mistakes don’t ruin us. They give us an opportunity to grow and to become better. I can only hope that I am there more for others because the world is bigger than Violet. I hear you. I see you. You are not alone. I’m sending every one of you a virtual hug. Be kind and good to yourselves in your waking hours, because I do care about you.
Finally, I get to talk a little bit about the above photo. I went to Uber two days ago with one of my closest friends. We found this top and mask from Vinyl. I just had to buy it. The mask is called Neo Meddy Mask. The bra and turtleneck are called Scars. Both are available in multiple colors and designs. You will just have to check them out for yourselves!
See credits down below for styling.
Be kind to one another. Cheers.
Violet XOXO
Head–LeLutka –Simone Bento by Thora Charron
Body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Hair–Doe –Sugar by Helyanwe Vindaloo
Ears–Mandala –Simple Ears by 菊之介王子 (kikunosuke.eel)
Jeans–Foxes –Skinny Jeans by Tyr Sinister (tyr.rozenblum)
Eyes–IKON–Charm Eyes by Ikon Innovia
Mask–Vinyl –Neo Meddy Mask by lιттle тoaѕт (sukoshitosuto)
Bra–Vinyl –Scars Bra by lιттle тoaѕт (sukoshitosuto)
Turtleneck–Vinyl –Scars Turtleneck by lιттle тoaѕт (sukoshitosuto)
Hands–Vista –Prohand Bento by VistaMesh






“My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake.” Aristotle

I’ve been away for what seems like an eternity from flickr, twitter, and just social media in general. I’m sort of back.I went through a medical procedure and I walked away with the flu. I’ve had a very long two weeks. I am still not completely well. However, I felt the need to do something for myself that didn’t involve  a doctor’s office. Please forgive another short blog.

Sometimes in life, everything goes completely wrong. Flowers delivered on the wrong date. Packages not being left where they should be. Friends fighting. Worst of all, coming down with the flu was incredibly difficult–after an invasive medical procedure.Among other things, I cared for others while sick. I’m ready to throw in the towel. Someone reminded me this too shall pass, this week. Maybe it will.

In the mean time, I took a moment for myself. I went to Rewind A 90’s throwback event. I bought these wonderful shades from Izzie’s. Then, I paired it with this wonderful dress and hair, which can be found at this month’s Collabor88–one of my favorite events. It made me smile a bit, which was wonderful.

So maybe you’re craving a shopping fix, having a bad day, or maybe the Valentine’s Day blues, then head over to the latest events on the grid for a quick pick me up. For more information about styling, see my credits down below.

Be kind to one another.


Violet xoxo


Head–LeLutka –Simone by Thora Charron
Body–Maitreya –Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Hair–Pr!tty –Hayley by Karla Marama
Dress–Candy Doll–Kiara by Jaessie Spano (jacinda.jaxxon)
Sunglasses–Izzies–90’s Glasses by Izzie Button