“To be desired is perhaps the closest anybody in this life can reach to feeling immortal.” ― John Berger


“To be desired is perhaps the closest anybody in this life can reach to feeling immortal.”
― John Berger

I’ve strayed from taking these types of pictures, but I can’t help myself. I do enjoy taking the more seductive photos every once in awhile. And it has been awhile, since taking these types of photos. I would be lying, if I said that I didn’t embrace them. If I’m going to talk about this sexy picture, then I am going to bring up a few things–the fetish fair and the subject of desire.

Desire is a subject that makes me think time and time again. It maybe one of my favorite things to talk about, because every person desires something. It’s always interesting to see and hear what people want. Some people get it. Some people never do. And some people keeping dancing with that devil desire, always dancing towards obtaining their heart’s desire, but never allowing themselves the pleasure.

When I think about desire, there is only one name that comes to mind. It is the name of the very person that helped to inspire my avatar, which is…. Dita Von Teese. I adore her because she makes no apologies for her interests. Her whole being plays into the very concept of desire. Dita Von Teese could literally get me to do whatever she wanted… But who has the time to go into that really–nor do I really want to go into my celebrity crush.

What does desire have to do with.. The Fetish Fair. My answer is simple…. everything. It has everything to do with desire. We buy the clothes, the furniture, and the accessories, hoping to get something that we desire. You can’t have sex without a little bit of desire. They go hand in hand….. bad pun? Maybe, but it’s true.

The Fetish Fair remains to be one of my favorite events, because it helps me to embody the one person that I pretend to be— the ever alluring, addicting, and intoxicating muse that is Dita Von Teese. My own desire for a mysterious sex pot helped to create me. She is a big part of my SL in some ways. My favorite makeup is always a cat eye and red lip. My favorite clothes are always lingerie. And my favorite toys… well… for that you’d have to get to know me better. BUT I picked up a few new ones at The Fetish Fair, which I’m willing to talk about.

So this is the part where I go into that lovely outfit featured in this photo. My lingerie is from Ricielli, My collar is from Avanti.  My hair came from Limerence and my boots are from Utopia@Design. My boots were a little expensive, but they come with texture and color options, which make it work it …in my opinion. The cage, candelabra, and bucket full of useful objects is from Backbone. Finally, the chair was created by a company called Also Known As. I want to mention this company, because I’ve never bought anything from them before. And I really do like this chair–enough to buy two versions of it. All of these items are from.. well you guessed it.. The Fetish Fair. Please head over there and check it out. It is so huge this round. There’s something for everyone.

Be Kind To One Another


Violet XOXO


Boots–Utopia@Design–Kaliska by Elisabetta Hyun–Fetish Fair August 2018
Collar–Avanti –Katia Collar by Elle ღ Avanti (intoxicate)–The Fetish Fair August 2018
Lingerie–Ricielli –Cassie Lingerie by Vliet Ricielli (vliet.troncon)–The Fetish Fair August 2018
Hair–Limerence –Dinara Hair by Kirusik–The Fetish Fair August 2018


Double iron cage, candelabra, basket of toys–Backbone–Caged by BackBone (ruvio.cortes)–The Fetish Fair August 2018
chair–Also Known as–Chaiselongue–by Al P. aKa (akahata)–The Fetish Fair August 2018
Toy rack–Backbone–Toy Rack by BackBone (ruvio.cortes)–mainstore
Sign–Floorplan –Beware Sign by Tegan Serin

Pose–Bauhaus Movement–Disseminated Anime Style & Manga Revolution

by LouLou Hill (loulou.teichmann)