Me, myself and I Meme Challenge

I am a fan of Strawberry Singh and I’ve been following her for some time. She’s a wonderful blogger and photographer. She seems to do it all in sl. I may never become a big blogger like her, but I greatly enjoy reading her blog posts and participating in her meme challenges. Sometimes in my own life, it’s hard. To deal with the hardships of my life, sometimes it’s the bloggers that help me get through a difficult time. You inspire me in my own blog and keep me going. Thank you bloggers for everything that you do.

Strawberry Singh created this me, myself and I meme challenge. I decided to include it in my own blog. Feel free to copy and paste into your own blog–while filling in your own answers.

I am… shy. (Strawberry Singh and I share this in common).

I want…to grow as a person every day.

I have… music playing

I wish… to have more adventures in sl.

I hate… discrimination and bigotry.

I fear… accidentally turning on voice while drunk.

I search… for items in my inventory, because my stuff is like missing socks. I may not find it right away, but it usually shows up :-p

I wonder… if my pictures will get more than 12 likes :-p

I regret… some of my outfits in the past.

I never… clean my inventory like I should and end up shopping instead.

I always… try to find happiness, even in difficult times.

I usually… have a wild imagination and day dream, during the day.

I dance… inworld, because it’s too difficult to dance in my real life.

I sing… every day because it’s a passion of mine.

I often… look away from my computer to play with my two very needy and loving cats. (hence the reason for my afk tendencies).

I sometimes… dream of living in Paris and attending fashion shows.

I need… Matzu and Kira to always be my sl siblings. They keep me grounded and happy on hard days.

I cry… at sad parts in movies and books–even if it is Monsters Inc.

I should… always remind myself that tomorrow is a new day.

I love… my virtual life.

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